5 location ideas for digitizing your content in 3D with the 3DShot app

Jul 19 · 5 min read

Whether you’re planning to digitize accessories, apparel, electronics, or cars in 3D, there are plenty of suitable backdrops for your 3D images. To get the best of the 3DShot app and showcase your products in the most attractive way, check out these location ideas for creating outstanding 3D Views.

#1 Create 3D Views of your items on a white wall backdrop

Using a seamless white background is one of the easiest and best ways to draw a consumer’s attention to your item and let them focus on its every tiny detail. More importantly, this backdrop is suitable for business owners on a budget and allows them to produce excellent, professional 3D Views of products at minimal cost.

A white or grey wall as a background is perfect for shooting models wearing apparel collections, hats, sunglasses, or big jewelry like chains, chokers, African necklaces, and hoop earrings. You can also create outstanding 3D Views of furniture and home decor on a white backdrop, showcasing your items in the best possible way.

Let’s check how to create a 3D View of a model wearing apparel from your collection:

  1. Find a location with a seamless white wall for shooting. Remember to ensure you have great lighting because it can make a huge difference.
  2. Put a model in front of a white wall and check if the showcased item fits perfectly. Open the 3DShot app, make sure the entire item fits into the frame and shoot it with the app by circling around.
  3. Use the 3DShot editing tools to add filters to the resulting 3D View. Adjust the brightness and contrast and upload the 3D View of your item using the app.

Voila! Now you can share the resulting content on any social networks, e-commerce platforms or your website.

#2 Shoot items on reflective surfaces

A simple mirrored surface helps to take your 3D Views to the next level since having an item touch its own reflection gives a slick and polished feel to the 3D image. Reflective surfaces are commonly used in jewelry product photography. However, you can shoot any item on a mirrored surface including foodstuffs, cosmetics, electronics, workshop tools, home decor, and handmade products. It’s better to shoot items on a reflective surface in a photo studio with professional lighting. Here’s a quick guide to creating a 3D View of an item on a reflective surface:

  1. Place your item on a first surface mirror. Be sure to have a large enough reflective surface to shoot the item within the reflection.
  2. Open 3DShot and create a 3D View of the item by moving around it.
  3. Use filters to make the resulting 3D View more appealing and upload it to any platform.

Just look how beautiful earrings look in a 3D View with a reflective surface:

#3 Capture 3D Views on a pretty tabletop

If you can’t find a reflective surface for creating outstanding 3D Views, no worries — there’s an alternative. Simply take a look around and find a pretty table surface nearby. Be it a coffee table in your apartment or a dining tabletop in the nearest restaurant, it will surely meet your needs. A table surface allows you to shoot small and middle-sized items like dishes, home decor, accessories, and handmade toys. A wooden surface would be perfect for shooting innovative dishes, while white-marble tables would make your light-colored home decor look even more elegant. The most important rule to keep in mind is assuring good lighting. Let’s see how to produce a lovely 3D View of a dish on a table surface:

  1. Put a dish on a tabletop, open the 3DShot app and ensure it fits into the frame. Decorate the table surface with pepper, berries, greens, or napkins to add creativity to your content.
  2. Enable the recording and start moving slowly around the dish.
  3. Edit the 3D image and upload it on any online website or social app.

#4 Shoot a 360° View on a table

Integrating with a 360° 3D View is one of the most efficient ways to help customers get the most visual information about an item. Products from handmade jewelry to fashionable high-heeled shoes benefit significantly from the interactive experience created with a 360° view. The 3DShot app allows you to create engaging 360° views of objects on a usual table. Simply find a table in a well-lit spot, prepare a sheet of paper that you’ll use as a backdrop and follow this guide:

  1. Place a sheet of paper on the tabletop. Place your item on the table and open 3DShot.
  2. Move slowly around the object.
  3. Use zoom to remove the surrounding objects from the 3D View and use the “Whitening” filter to make the background white (if you want).

#5 Create 3D Views outdoors

Almost any item looks good in an outdoor, natural environment. This applies not only to products used outside like cars, barbecues, or gardening tools, but to items that have any slight connection to the outdoors. For instance, you can shoot your skincare cosmetics in a natural environment to emphasize its organic ingredients. Ecologically friendly and health care products also fit this group. On top of that, creating 3D content outside is a great way to tell your brand story and show your values and style to your audience.

To create a 3D View of your item in a natural environment, follow the steps below:

  1. Find a beautiful location for shooting your content. Be it your garden, a seaside, or an urban area, the 3D View of your product will surely stand out with an unusual backdrop.
  2. Place the object in a well-lit spot and start recording your item with the 3DShot app by moving slowly around the object.
  3. Once the 3D View is ready, upload it to your website or social networks and let your audience enjoy interacting with your creative content.

See for yourself how appealing 3D Views look when shot in a natural environment.

The 3DShot app is free of charge and allows anybody to create outstanding 3D Views of their items. Install the app and start producing high-quality 3D product images to attract new consumers, boost customer engagement and grow your sales:


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