‘Average Time on Page’ & Its Impact on Purchase Probability for E-commerce

Get your formula for the product page that converts.

Jan 28 · 3 min read

‘Average Time on Page’ indicates how long an average customer spends on any given page of a website; for our purposes this is a product page of an e-commerce website. According to Google Benchmarking, in 2019 the ‘Average Time on Page’ for e-commerce websites was 38 seconds. Yet, according to research, purchase probability is at its highest when a person spends around 50 seconds on a product page. So, how can retailers improve ‘Time on Page’ in order to boost sales?

It’s simple: retailers must provide engaging and interactive content that is informative, concise, and immersive. This is the formula for the ultimate product page content.

Enter 3D View Content

59% of customers consider visual information to be the deciding factor in making a purchase. In terms of importance for the buyer, it ranks higher than both product description and price. Yet, 2D photos, no matter how good, offer no interactivity and little engagement. The same is true for video. In fact, 95% of shoppers find product pages with interactive 3D View content more engaging than those with product videos.

The ‘Average Time on Page’ with and without a Cappasity 3D View.

Unlike photos and videos, 3D Views are fully interactive and allow customers to examine an item from any angle and zoom in to see the details. 3D Views also come with 4K resolution. The ‘Average Interaction Time’ with a product’s 3D View is 15–30 seconds, depending on the product category.

= Retailers can improve their ‘Average Time on Page’ by at least 40% by adding 3D Views to a product page. 3D Views can also help ‘Time on Page’ to reach the desired 50-second mark, leading to the highest possible purchase probability.

Creating Immersive Content Is Easy

With the progress of technology, new solutions like Cappasity make the creation of immersive experiences easier than ever before. There are two options for the 3D digitization of your products: The Easy 3D Scan professional software, to shoot in a photo studio, or the 3DShot app, to shoot 3D Views with a smartphone.

To get started with the 3DShot app, download it on the App Store and follow the instructions in the video. Display 3D content on your website or integrate it into a marketplace.


Go to the Cappasity ‘How to’ page and find out more about the ways you can shoot 3D content in a professional photo studio with the help of Easy 3D Scan.

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