Cappasity 3D Imaging app

Our mobile app will be able to do 3D imaging soon! We’re working hard to bring us closer to this day, and we’re happy to say that we are on the home stretch.

We try to keep you updated on our progress, and today we’d like to tell you more about the debugging process we’re dealing with now. We are testing algorithms for various objects and increasing the app’s performance at the same time. We’ve managed to speed up our code almost threefold, and we go on optimizing it to reduce the post-production time by 30%. 
On the average it takes about one and a half minute to calculate.

The quality of cameras in mobile phones allows you to reach the previously unimaginable quality of the picture and deliver accurate color reproduction of an object!

Our team is now testing various user scenarios and improving image tracking and background segmentation.

Let us remind you that we want this feature available for all developers — we’re going to release a free 3D View capturing framework. Stay tuned!

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