Cappasity AR Holograms for Fashion

Create an AR experience for your online and brick-and-mortar store today

Aug 26 · 2 min read
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Imagine this: Shoppers from anywhere in the world can better understand your products (in terms of size, fit and details) by virtually placing them in their physical environment. Sounds exciting — but is it actually feasible? It is now.

Cappasity’s solution for fashion allows you to easily create immersive demonstrations of apparel. Interactive 3D Views of clothing can be integrated into websites and mobile apps. With 3D Views, you can also create AR holograms that overlay 3D content into the real world, providing customers with a way to interact with the product directly. The resulting experience isn’t limited by the location of the user, nor by that of the product.

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This is the first scalable format for AR with 4K quality that comes with the following benefits:

  • 5 times cheaper and much faster content production at any photo studio
  • Natural lighting for any product
  • Transparent and glossy materials that look lifelike
  • Omnichannel compatibility (web, mobile, AR/VR)
  • Scalability for large catalogs


To experience the above 3D View in AR, click on it and press on the cube icon.

Another exciting use case is the application of AR in points of sale. Since 70% of buying decisions are made at POS, there’s a need for a compelling visual communication tool with the power to engage audiences — AR is one such tool. Shoppers will be able to view, zoom in on, and rotate all the catalog options in AR right in the store with the help of an iPad.

Immersive content provides higher engagement, as the customers can look at a product placed within a real-life environment. Additional interactivity results in more sales and fewer returns.

We recommend you explore all the possibilities of AR for fashion. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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