Cappasity collaborated with the British Higher School of Art and Design to digitize students’ fashion collections in 3D for the DIVISION exhibition

Nov 2 · 3 min read

The DIVISION exhibition is taking place at the All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art from October 20 to November 7. At the exhibition, 10 fashion designs created by 2020 and 2021 graduates of the British Higher School of Art and Design will be shown in the new phygital format, which combines physical installations and virtual collections presented in an interactive 3D format. As a partner of the exhibition, Cappasity provided BHSAD students with a solution to digitize their fashion designs in 3D.

The DIVISION exhibition is organized by the British Higher School of Art and Design, the Fashion & Design Center at the All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts, and supported by the FRESHBLOOD project. The exhibition’s curators are Anna Chernykh and Vladimir Tilinin, the leaders of the Fashion Design course at the British Higher School of Art and Design and the founders of the FRESHBLOOD project for young designers.

This year, the exhibition brings together three essential topics that have shaped new thinking:

  • Post-COVID world of a human and community
  • New design
  • New meanings

Thanks to Cappasity, BHSAD students had the opportunity to digitize their works in 3D and showcase their fashion designs in an innovative immersive format. Interactive 3D Views of apparel allow the visitors to see the designs in movement, zoom in to appreciate the pieces in detail, and better understand the designers’ vision. To interact with a 3D View of a design, the exhibition’s visitors simply need to scan a QR code that leads to a student’s Cappasity portfolio.

Designer: Ljubov Filippova

“The exhibition of BHSAD graduates’ fashion designs has already become a traditional event devoted to the art of fashion design. Since 2017, the exhibition at the Fashion & Design Center of the All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts has been an important part of the program to support young designers,” says Natalya Loginova, the head of the Fashion & Design Center at the All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts.

Designer: Anna Zyablitseva

“Each new cycle of exhibitions is a revelation! Let me clarify so that it doesn’t sound so pretentious. Many topics our students work on open new aspects of modernity and change attitudes to reality. This is a very curious feature, and I can’t help wondering how the environment and the world will become connected with human creativity! It’s always exciting for me to experience this as a curator and designer. It’s a kind of personal moment,” comments Vladimir Tilinin, the curator of the Fashion Design course.

Designer: Gleb Kosarev

“The name of the exhibition wasn’t chosen by chance. The word “division” has several important and suitable meanings. First of all, a division is a tactical unit or community of strong-willed people. The community of our students and alumni seems to me to be a division! Secondly, a division is a border, barrier, separation. The past year for the whole world has become the so-called “border” that divided life into before and after. Despite the difficulties, many things have become an integral part of life, which we are unlikely to give up in the future. Thus, the online digital environment and digitalization of many processes have become relevant innovations. At the exhibition, we’ll show diploma projects in a new augmented reality format, assuming that fashion will continue to actively move towards the integration of new technologies into the development, creation and presentation of new collections,” says Anna Chernykh, the curator of the Fashion Design course.

To see all 3D Views of fashion designs created by BHSAD students, follow the links to their Cappasity accounts:

Anna Zyablitseva:

Ekaterina Korshunova:

Gleb Kosarev:

Dmitry Koshelev:

Ljubov Filippova:

Olesya Postevaya :

Elena Rassadina:

Alisa Romashko:

Polina Sokolova:

Kristina Khotuleva:

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