Cappasity for Digital Signage

As you already know, Cappasity helps to bring the in-store experience into online shopping through high-res 3D images — It is a unique tool which allows to increase customer engagement and conversion in online stores. We provide retailers with a ready-to-use pipeline of 3D image creation and integration into various environments. With Cappasity solution they can digitize thousands of products in 3D every day.

Today we would like to introduce our new product which would bring not only online shopping but also shopping at physical stores to a brand new level. Cappasity is going to launch new software for interactive kiosks. You’ve probably already seen digital kiosks at point of sales but all you could check with them were boring photos of products. Can customers use only a couple of images to understand the product and make a purchase decision without any regrets afterwards?

Cappasity allows your customers interact with goods the way they do it at physical stores making their shopping experience more seamless. Just like this you can see a product from different sides, zoom in to check every detail.

Now our clients can use the same content for their e-commerce business and retail stores to fuel better customer interactions and omnichannel experiences. Customers could browse the goods which are not available at stores, get a purchase code and order home delivery — any scenarios are possible! Cappasity is the future of digital signage and it is that simple.