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Aug 13 · 3 min read

Cappasity is a complete solution for creating and integrating 3D Views of goods into websites, mobile apps, and AR applications. It is already used in e-commerce, the industrial sector and the arts sphere. The solution allows Cappasity users to provide their customers with a fully immersive experience and increase customer engagement. In fact, immersive content comes in useful in any sphere. In this article, we’ll show you how 3D imaging technology can benefit the sports industry.

Immersive content increases engagement on sports fan websites

A love for sports is something that no sports fan will give up on. Due to today’s hectic lifestyle, it’s pretty challenging to keep up with all broadcasts of matches, so sports lovers visit online websites to get updated on the scoreboard and the fresh news in the sports industry. Soccer, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, MMA: online, there is something for everyone that will grant sports fans the advantage of being on top of the game.

What’s more, it’s hardly possible to find a sports fan without a sports idol. Sports lovers are always keen on the biggest sports stars’ biographies, victories and failures, awards, and even private lives. Modern sports fan websites are full of this data, plus sports idols’ photos and videos with their achievements. But what if you could not only find all this information on one page but also interact with a 3D avatar of your sports idol? Would examining how sports stars move and show their famous tricks be more engaging than looking at standard images?

Here at Cappasity, we believe that immersive technology is a valuable part of the future of every industry, including sports. To prove a point and show how 3D content benefits this industry, we invited Vitaliy Shilkin, the Russian hockey legend, to our studio and created attractive 3D Views of the hockey player that would ideally suit a hockey fan website. Such immersive content will allow sports fans to interact with the 3D image of their hockey idol, get a good look at the sportsman’s uniform and equipment, and see how the sportsman moves while performing some basic ice hockey elements.

Immersive content on a sports website increases website visitors’ engagement and attracts more sports fans to the site.

Immersive content for education

Obtaining a new skill without a proper demonstration is extremely difficult, particularly when it comes to sports. It’s a challenging task to create an engaging sports tutorial that would help your audience exercise correctly and effectively. Most coaches prefer making video tutorials to simultaneously explain and showcase the correct exercise technique. However, a video format can’t show the coach’s movements from all necessary angles of perception. Besides, sports newbies often have to pause a video tutorial to have a better look at the coach’s movements, which is absolutely inconvenient.

Unlike video tutorials, the immersive format allows your audience to interact with the tutorial and inspect any moment of interest in tiny detail. If something is unclear, it’s pretty easy to rewind it with a finger movement or a mouse click. During the 3D image shooting process in our photo studio, Vitaliy Shilkin performed multiple techniques that a goaltender would use for preventing the hockey puck from entering the team’s net. Such 3D Views would benefit online tutorials for hockey newbies and make them more interactive and informative.

Immersive tutorials can be used in any sport, be it ice hockey, soccer, golf, skiing, boxing, or acrobatics. It’s also possible to shoot yoga pose instructions and fitness guides in 3D format. To see what the shooting process looks like and what you can get as a result, watch the Cappasity and Vitaliy Shilkin video:

To start digitizing sports content in 3D and get most of the immersive technology, fill out the contact form on our website, and we’ll send you the best practices for creating engaging and interactive content.

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