Cappasity has attracted investment to release the e-commerce metaverse

Nov 3, 2021 · 2 min read

“We’ve raised $1M in our funding round. Now we are finishing up the last applications from investors and starting the final sprint to combine everything that we have developed,” comments Kosta Popov, Cappasity CEO.

We’re working on the e-commerce metaverse project. Recently, Cappasity was mentioned in the CB Insights list “90+ Companies Changing The Way We Socialize, Work, And More In A Virtual World”. This material appropriately demonstrates our objective — we primarily focus on the simplicity of content creation.

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In 2022, Cappasity will launch a new social service that will change the way we consume content and demonstrate products. Welcome to the metaverse, where everyone can not only view content, but also create it.

It’s an important step that I kept in mind for many years while we were working on a mobile application for content shooting. And content creation is one of the building blocks. Now it’s time to unite all our developments (try-ons, NFT, neural networks) and support more content formats.

We’ll drive more high-quality traffic to online stores and marketplaces. Our current clients will have the opportunity to become the first brands in the metaverse and attract new customers for their products.

I’m sure we have found the key that eludes the masses, since most people are busy copying others’ ideas. But we have always been innovators!

We’ll publish the official news on the round later. We’re closing the current funding round because we’re going to start the next round with new terms.


  • 7 years of R&D
  • 3 international patents
  • Raised $7.4M from angel investors and VC

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