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Cappasity has released a new iOS version of the 3DShot app

We’re happy to announce that a new iOS version of the 3DShot app has been released. Now the app allows you to blur the background of your 3D Views and supports ultra-wide cameras. Let’s see how the new features will improve your immersive content.

Ultra-wide camera allows more of a scene to be captured, so now you can create your 3D Views staying closer to the object. This is especially useful for shooting a car or real estate in 3D.

The background blur feature will make your 3D content even more quality and professional looking. You can blur the background of any 3D View. Watch this video to see this feature in action:

To get access to the new features, go to App Store and update 3DShot to the latest version (1.5.12).

The new Android version of 3DShot is coming soon.

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