Cappasity introduces 3D View snapshot for VProject Model Agency

Aug 9 · 2 min read

Cappasity is proud to present a new collaboration with VProject Models — an internationally renowned modeling agency. With the new interactive model snapshots in the format of 3D Views, a patented visualization format by Cappasity, booking talent for photoshoots or catwalks will be easier than ever. Let’s dive into the details.

Conventional casting in the modeling industry

Most castings and model bookings in fashion are done in two stages. At the first stage the models are chosen remotely based on photos (model snapshots) and videos and then the longlist is reviewed by the agent and the client. At the second stage, the shortlisted models are called in for an in-person casting, where the booker and the client can see the model in real life, see how the model moves and behaves in front of the camera and make the final decision of whether or not to cast the person for the job.

This process can take several weeks, depending on models’ availability. This can significantly slow down the production process, which is sometimes unacceptable. Cappasity is here to change that with cutting-edge innovation.

Cappasity is bringing innovation into the casting process

Cappasity has collaborated with VProject Models and presented a new feature an interactive model snapshot in the format of 3D View:

VProject models is one of the most influential modeling agencies. The models represented by VProject are published in tier-one media, such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and others and are working on projects for companies such as Harvey Nichols, Aeroflot and others.

Now, with the new interactive snapshots made with the Easy 3D ScanTM technology, Cappasity bridges the gap between online and offline castings. With the introduction of interactive snapshots, it will make life much easier for bookers and allows a booker to see not only the model’s measurements, but to see how the person moves in frame and presents themselves. This helps to make more informed casting decisions for specific projects.

At the moment, interactive snapshots are added to several model’s pages in the agency catalogue, with plans to make it a standard feature for the agency. Here is an example of a model’s page in VProject Models:

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