Cappasity invites you to test 3D View Capturing for iPhone

We first mentioned Cappasity App in 2017 and now after a year spent painstakingly researching and developing, perfecting the stabilization algorithms and working with passion and dedication to bring to you the best possible result…

We are thrilled to announce the long awaited premier of the MVP version that took place at DMEXCO!

This version of the App is designed to catch every detail of small objects while losing none of the wow-factor — sophistication of jewelry, glossy curves of watches and eye-catching beauty of accesories.

With stabilization algorithms meant to compensate for trembling hands, displacement of the camera along all axes or any disturbance in balance functioning ideally within the MVP, we take it a step further like we always do.

Two new algorithm branches soon to be completed will allow Cappasity App to take in:

  • Mid-sized objects
  • Real estate

We’d like to invite new users and our valued customers to take part in the testing process, so anyone who wishes to explore and test our newly launched MVP version of the App can register by following the link.

To avoid technical issues during the testing process, make sure to have either an iPhone (6 or newer) or an iPad (2016 or newer).

Invitations will be sent on September, 21!