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Cappasity NFTs for retail: why they are valuable for your customers

The recent surge in the popularity of NFTs opens endless opportunities for retailers, including not only the ability to monetize digital assets, but also an absolutely new way to engage with consumers. This summer, Cappasity will launch a one-of-a-kind solution that will allow retailers to create NFT-based loyalty programs and add extra value to their products. Let’s see how the service will benefit brands and how to provide access to Cappasity NFTs using special tags.

Why is a Cappasity NFT a valuable digital asset? First, it contains a section for additional materials where brands can add not only photos and videos, but also textual information (e.g. a product or brand’s history), immersive content (3D/3D View visualization, AR holograms, virtual try-on), and exclusive opportunities, like VIP passes to events. So a Cappasity NFT serves as a unique key to special content connected with the item, adding extra value to the purchased product.

Second, a Cappasity NFT can serve as a communication channel between the brand and the buyer. The point is that a brand can add extra content to the NFT even after the customer receives it. In this way, the NFT owner gets access to an individual VIP channel for engaging with the brand. The retailer, in turn, can use this channel to reward loyal customers with premium memberships, loyalty bonuses, priority access to new product launches, etc.

How will a brand’s customer access Cappasity NFTs? Here’s how the process will look:

  1. A brand creates an NFT on the Cappasity platform and generates a QR code for printing it on the product’s tag.
  2. The buyer scans the QR code which directs them to the Cappasity platform and provides them with access to NFT.
  3. The buyer can explore the content of the NFT or mint it to their wallet for reselling it on other marketplaces.

The video demonstrates the process:

NFT-based marketing is a new way for brands to make their products more valuable, engage with consumers, build brand loyalty and awareness, and, as a result, get a leg up against competitors. To launch your NFT project, contact our team at

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