Cappasity Partners with Medialinks, A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Medialinks is the leading digital marketing agency in the UAE

Nov 23, 2020 · 2 min read
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Located in Dubai and Doha, Medialinks is a full service digital marketing agency that builds lasting value digital services for its clients. The Cappasity and Medialinks partnership will help the agency’s clients enhance the experience they offer by introducing fully immersive 3D content. Brands that incorporate 3D imagery into their websites and mobile apps will boost engagement, as their customers will be able to rotate any product, examine it from all sides, and zoom-in to view potential pain points.

Medialinks believes that continuous improvement and an agile approach to technology prepares businesses to face competition. As the leading digital marketing agency in the UAE, Media links assists in helping their clients unlock their full digital potential in terms of web presence by introducing innovative marketing strategies, tailor made web designing and robust coding.

The core services of the agency are digital marketing and web design and development. Amongst these, they provide services such as custom software solutions, marketplace management services, custom software solutions, online stores, and E-Commerce platforms. Additional services include logo design, corporate ID, branding, animated presentations as well as print solutions.

“We are glad to see Medialinks join the list of our partners,” says Kosta Popov, CEO of Cappasity. “With our ability to anticipate change and innovation, we’ll bring great value to their clients.”

“We at Medialinks are excited to bring innovation to e-commerce businesses,” says Zeeshan Amin, Digital Transformation Lead at Medialinks. “Research shows that brands that showcase their products in 3D benefit from improved engagement, higher sales, and fewer returns. Our partnership with Cappasity will make it possible for our clients to get the same advantages.”

About Medialinks

Medialinks is a full service digital marketing agency located in Dubai & Doha. The agency builds lasting value digital products for clients, tailored to the business’ needs and requirements. In short, Medialinks specialises in attracting clients or customers who are eager to create a digital experience that excites and inspires its viewers.


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