Cappasity raised $2.1 million to provide 3D solutions for classified marketplace users

Aug 26 · 4 min read

Sellers can now shoot their items in 3D with the 3DShot app. 3D technologies help to improve user experience and increase conversion rate.

Cappasity has been providing an enterprise 3D product imaging solution for e-commerce for many years, and its 3D digitizing platform is used by well-known companies such as LFCorp, Samsonite, Saint Laurent. In 2021, Cappasity launched the 3DShot mobile app that targets merchants on classifieds. The application allows users to create a 3D View of an item and integrate it into a website.

“3D product visualizations increase audience involvement on e-commerce platforms, leading to an increased sales conversion. However, it isn’t currently available for classifieds because it is quite difficult to produce. 3DShot solves this problem by allowing any seller to make high-quality content easily.” — says Kosta Popov, Cappasity CEO.

There are two ways to provide classified users with the advantages of the 3DShot app. One option is that classified users download it as an application, digitize their items in 3D locally in the app, and share the resulting 3D View on a product page. In this case, a classified should do a simple integration to support a new content format on the website. Another option is to embed the features of 3DShot 3D capturing into a classified application.

A new funding round will be aimed at integrating the 3D digitizing solution into the leading global classifieds and marketplaces. Current company investors and business angels have participated in the financing round.

With 3DShot, you can digitize almost anything — from a laptop to a car. At the moment, 3DShot users can integrate their content into AliExpress, Shopify, Magento, Wix, WooCommerce, Tilda, Readymag and the majority of website constructors.

Kufar, a part of Adevinta Group, is one of the very first classifieds to allow its users to create immersive content with the 3DShot app. Adevinta operates classifieds in 16 countries, and in 2020 agreed to acquire eBay Classifieds Group for USD 9.2 billion. The website is reported to have over 30.9 million monthly visits and is currently ranked the world’s 15th most popular classified.

Immersive content bridges the gap between online and offline shopping, which not only boosts sales, but also leads to customers making more conscious choices, saving time both for the merchants and buyers. With the 3DShot app, Kufar’s users will be able to digitize any item in a matter of minutes and make it more attractive for potential buyers. All you need is a smartphone,” says Kosta Popov, Cappasity CEO. “Formerly, 3D visualization technologies were only used by our enterprise clients, but today we have adapted the solution for smartphones and made the technology more accessible.”

How does it work?

Launch the 3DShot app and digitize your product simply by filming while moving around it with your smartphone. Use the built-in filters and upload the result to your Cappasity account. Once the automated processing is complete, you can embed the 3DView at a marketplace which supports integration with Cappasity.

Marketplaces are taking over

By 2024, sales turnover for marketplaces will reach $3.5 trillion and out of that figure, $240 billion will come out of P2P sales (people to people sales, which means deals done directly between two marketplace users).

These numbers indicate the rapid growth in marketplaces’ user groups. With the growth of the audience comes increased competition between the marketplaces, and the quality of the user experience is the main battlefield for online businesses. Immersive technologies help businesses upgrade user experience and increase sales conversions.

Lately, it has become a common practice to place not only photos, but also videos of items in product cards on marketplaces. Yet, if creating a detailed 3D visualization has become so simple, why use outdated methods?

Unlike video, Cappasity’s 3D visualizations allow users to choose any angle for a detailed inspection. The interaction increases involvement with the content, as well as time spent on the item’s page. This has a positive impact on conversion into sales and on the item’s ratings in search engines like Google. At the same time, the 3D visualization doesn’t slow down the website, as the content is being streamed directly from the Cappasity cloud platform.

According to Google, the average time spent on a product page was approximately 35 seconds. Cappasity’s customers are able to increase this by 15–35 seconds with the integration of interactive content. This helps to increase conversion by encouraging customers to add items to their cart and, eventually, to purchase them.

The key metrics obtained after performing the Cappasity customer development are:

  • 3D images increase a customer’s purchase intent by 29%.

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