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Cappasity released Easy 3D Scan 2.0

Cappasity is pleased to announce the new version of Easy 3D Scan. Let’s see what’s new in the software and why it matters.

Cappasity lets companies create and deliver 3D/AR experiences to blur the line between online and in-store shopping. It is the first scalable and easy-to-adopt solution for complex e-commerce projects. Our turnkey solution includes the Easy 3D Scan software for 3D content post-production and the Cappasity platform for data storage, analytics, and integration of 3D content.

Easy 3D Scan is a professional 3D digitizing software for large-scale businesses that operate with substantial quantities of items and shoot content in photo studios. The software allows brands to create 3D Views (data format developed by Cappasity) at the speed of 1 SKU per 3 minutes while maintaining the maximum content quality. Our solution is 10 times faster than what competitors offer. All the content post-production takes place in the software and there’s no need to purchase any additional equipment.

With Easy 3D Scan, you can create and embed interactive 3D Views into your online store, mobile app, or AR app to give your customers a fully immersive shopping experience. 3D Views allow customers to rotate and inspect an item online just like they would in a brick-and-mortar store. Additional interactivity gives a clear understanding of the potential purchase and, as a result, boosts conversion and minimizes returns. It has proven to increase conversion rates by up to 30% and product page dwell time by up to six times.

For the past six months, the Cappasity team has been working on the upgrade of Easy 3D Scan. In particular, we have developed the new version of the E3D data format integrated into Easy 3D Scan. Thanks to this upgrade, we’ll add new features to the software faster than previously and develop our product more effectively.

The upcoming features will allow you to:

  • Have green screen support
  • Remove background tools
  • Import multiple videos to easily create 3D Views demonstrating different angles of the item

Are you ready to wow your customers with an immersive shopping experience? Contact our team at to start digitizing your items in 3D.

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Bring an in-store browsing experience to online retail with Cappasity, the first complete 3D product imaging solution for your website, mobile app, VR and AR applications.

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