Cappasity Research: 95% of Shoppers Prefer Interactive 3D Images to Videos

This research is based on Q&A sessions with online shoppers, Cappasity.AI statistics, and evidence from real industry use cases.

Jan 26 · 3 min read

Cappasity has conducted holistic research to reveal the implications of immersive 3D/AR technologies for e-commerce.

According to the research, 95% of respondents find product pages with interactive 3D View content more engaging than those with product videos. 82% of product page visitors, an overwhelming majority, activate the 3D view. Time spent on interaction with 3D View content is just as revealing: customers engage with the 3D View for 20 seconds on average, with 34% spending more than 30 seconds on the interaction.

Why is 3D content preferable to videos?

There are 3 main reasons:

  • Unlike videos, 3D Views allow users to choose any product angle, zoom in for a closer look, and examine every detail in 4K resolution.
  • As content passes directly from the Cappasity cloud to the user, 3D Views do not slow down the e-commerce website.
  • Additional interactivity helps boost engagement and increases time spent on the product page, both of which have a positive impact on conversion. Interactivity also helps to reduce product returns.

How to create your own 3D content?

Armed with either the Cappasity Easy 3D Scan or the 3DShot mobile app, you can create an interactive 3D View of any product, from a jewelry item to a car, and showcase the result on online stores, marketplaces, or social media.

To get started with the 3DShot app, download it on the App Store, and follow the instructions in the video below.

Everything you need to know about displaying 3D content on your website and integrating it into marketplaces can be found on the 3DShot website.

Easy 3D Scan is a professional software for the creation and embedding of 3D content into online stores, mobile apps, and AR. Go to the Cappasity ‘How to’ page to find out more about the ways top professional photo studios shoot 3D content with the help of Easy 3D Scan.

. 3D Views can also be used to create AR Holograms, allowing customers to view your items in a real-life environment.

What is an AR Hologram?

Cappasity AR Hologram is the first scalable format for AR with 4K resolution. Customers from anywhere in the world can now gain a better understanding of a product’s size, fit, and quality by virtually placing it in their physical environment.

Increase product sales and enhance customer experience by adding immersive 3D/AR content to your product pages. Download the 3DShot app or the Cappasity Easy 3D Scan today.

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