Cappasity Selected Among Top AI Startups Worldwide to Present at Osaka’s Global Innovation Forum

Jul 25, 2019 · 3 min read

Ai Collaborator, SF-based open innovation platform that brings together enterprises with innovative AI startups from around the world, announced that Cappasity was chosen among the top AI startups from around the world to present its technologies at Osaka’s Global Innovation Forum in Osaka, Japan on October 10–11, 2019.

Picked among a select group of world-class technology startups from around the globe, Cappasity will get a chance to present to hundreds of Japanese corporations and venture capital firms, meet one-on-one with Japanese business leaders and investors, and participate in a private tour of Xport, Osaka’s new Open Innovation Lab.

In total, fifteen technology startups have been selected to participate representing the US, China, France, Israel, Singapore, and the UK.

“Ai Collaborator has the honor of working closely with some of the brightest and boldest AI startups and entrepreneurs from around the world to connect them with opportunities to grow their business, both in their backyards and across the global marketplace. This is part of our mission as we seek to democratize access to global AI innovations through the power of collaboration,” said John Byrnes, Ai Collaborator’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “We look forward to seeing Cappasity present at this amazing event, and are excited about the creative partnering opportunities that will come through their participation”.

“The Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI) also congratulates Cappasity on its selection to present at Osaka’s premiere innovation conference, the Global Innovation Forum. Along with other top AI / IoT / VR related firms from around the world, the company will have significant opportunities to share its offerings and stories with potential clients, investors and other of the region’s leading technology minds, with hopes of building lasting partnerships,” said Keisuke Matsumoto, Director, International Division.

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About Ai Collaborator

Based in San Francisco, Ai Collaborator, Inc. is unlocking access to global AI innovations for firms of all sizes thanks to the power of collaboration. It is an open innovation platform that brings together enterprises with innovative AI startups from around the world to serve as a bridge for internal and technology resource gaps that affords a more efficient path to AI discovery and deployment.

About Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI)

OCCI is the second largest chamber of commerce in Japan following Tokyo, with more than 30,000 members. OCCI is collaborating with local governments and other economic organizations as a whole to promote Osaka as a startup friendly city where overseas startups and accelerators can collaborate and play an active part in creating innovation. Also, with a focus on EXPO 2025 Osaka, OCCI together with the local governments will continue to support demonstration projects in Osaka by investigating and arranging demonstration fields at companies /organizations that offer their facilities, spaces, data, and other resources.

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