Cappasity Showcases its 3D Product Imaging solution and Artificial Intelligence technologies for 3D imaging at VivaTech 2018

As a partner, Cappasity team took part in Viva Technology 2018 — the world’s prominent rendezvous for startups and leaders that was held in Paris on May 24–26.

The event brought together more than 68,000 attendees, including business leaders, investors, decision-makers, startups, academics, students, and media from all over the globe. Among the attendees were the world’s biggest tech giants — Microsoft, IBM, Cisco Systems, SAP, D-Wave Systems, and others.

The 2018 Edition of the Viva Technology was inaugurated by French President Emmanuel Macron. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder, Chairman, and CEO, was also among the key speakers.

During the event, the team members showcased Cappasity’s SaaS solution for fast production and easy embedding of 3D content. At the company’s booth, Kosta Popov, Cappasity’s CEO, Natalie Reyes, Cappasity’s Chief Sales Officer, Anna Andreeva, Cappasity’s Business Development Manager, and Daria Bazankova, Cappasity’s Sales Manager, demonstrated how the innovative technology works. It was also the first time when the team presented Cappasity’s 3D analytic tool for marketing and sales teams to the audience.

Cappasity’s 3D analytic tool is Artificial Intelligence technologies for 3D imaging that help retailers to understand potential customers’ behavior and find out their preferences. Cappasity.AI tracks the way potential customers interact with 3D images of products embedded into retailers’ websites and provides valuable insights that will boost sales.