Cappasity Solution Featured in a Report by ABI Research, a Global Tech Market Advisory Firm

Report title: Augmented Reality Applications in Retail and Marketing

Mar 1 · 2 min read

ABI Research, a global tech market advisory firm, featured Cappasity in its report on Augmented Reality applications in retail and marketing. The report states that “AR technology has become more accessible, capable, and affordable over the past few years, which has spurred interest in AR across markets for both users and enterprises. AR platform providers such as ThreeKit and Cappasity have launched 3D content creation tools with the aim of easing content creation requirements — often a barrier for many retailers.”

“Online shopping will continue to grow after the pandemic, especially in product categories supported by AR experiences such as make-up, clothing, and furniture. As data continues to come in supporting the success and ROI of AR/VR marketing efforts and satisfaction around user experiences, expect further investment and activity in the space as online retail and immersive content become increasingly partnered,” concludes Eleftheria Kouri, Research Analyst at ABI Research.

The Cappasity team developed Holograms for Fashion, the first scalable format for AR with 4K quality. Now, shoppers from anywhere in the world can better understand your products by virtually placing them in their physical environment. Checking for size and fit online will no longer be an issue.

Unlike other AR solutions, Cappasity AR Holograms provide natural lighting of objects, look lifelike even for transparent and glossy materials, are fully omnichannel, and are scalable for large catalogs. They are also five times cheaper to produce than other AR solutions and much faster.

But that’s not all: Cappasity also provides Virtual Try-On for rings and watches that can be easily integrated into a brand’s website.

According to ABI Research estimations, the augmented reality market in retail, commerce, and marketing will surpass US$12 billion in 2025.

Read the full version of the report here.

About ABI Research

ABI Research provides strategic guidance to visionaries, delivering actionable intelligence on the transformative technologies that are dramatically reshaping industries, economies, and workforces around the world. ABI Research’s global team of analysts publish groundbreaking studies often years ahead of other technology advisory firms, empowering our clients to stay ahead of their markets and competitors.

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