Cappasity Solution Utilized to Shoot a Lingerie Collection in 3D

The Cappasity team is excited to present the results of the F3 Studio Lingerie Photo Shoot! The project was launched thanks to a brilliant collaboration of Cappasity, Not Addicted Lab, and AntonMillerProduction.

F3 Studio is a European fashion brand that offers beautiful and seductive, delicately trimmed lace lingerie that’s both intoxicating at midnight and practical enough for daytime. The Cappasity & Not Addicted Lab photo shoot includes nine lingerie numbers, ranging from enticing yet practical to full out provocative.

With Cappasity 3D imaging, any lingerie brand can provide customers with a graphical 3D product representation that is also interactive. With a 3D View, a customer can choose what part of the object they’d like to see. Zoom in or out? Rotate the object? View it in motion? Based on the case studies of the Cappasity clients, users tend to browse a product page 6x longer which results in 30%+ conversion increase.

It’s only recently that Cappasity platform has advanced enough to be able to process product features that not so long ago were considered out of reach: black, shiny, and glossy objects such as silks and leathers, as well as anything transparent or unusually textured, like lace, for instance. Depicting all of that is now possible without obstacles. Cappasity, the company that is firmly established on the luxury tech market according to the CB Insights Luxury Tech Market Map, delivers the ultimate technological solution to innovative brands.

Creating a 3D image of any object is a simple 3-step process: shoot the chosen object with a digital camera, upload the result into Cappasity platform to get a 3D View and once it’s ready, embed it into anything you wish, be it website, mobile or 3D/AR/VR application.

This approach of product presentation is widely applicable to different industries — from jewelry and greeting cards to fashion and even cars — which is proved by the companies that use Cappasity to improve their customers’ experience:

“As a luxury brand we deeply value this unique opportunity to show the quality and the materials of our high-end fashion products to our customers. Cappasity solution helped us in that goal and moved us to a new stage of product representation with high-quality 3D images. We saw improvements in our conversion rates and time spent on the product page, and managed to achieve impressive results across all departments thanks to Cappasity 3D technology.” — Julieta Maidana, e-Commerce Manager at Jazmin Chebar.
“Our customers are a priority for us and we want to deliver the best possible browsing experience to them. Cappasity’s cutting-edge technology makes online shopping easier and more natural for them allowing to study materials, textures and colors in every detail. This helps us to differentiate in the market and showcase our unique products as never before.” — Jean‑Christophe Ankaoua, President of Lion-Snakes (Marque Claris Virot).

The Cappasity team is soon to release a software update specifically designed for clothing. To find out more, contact us at

Stay tuned for more to come!