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Cappasity to add Artificial Intelligence to the 3DShot app

Cappasity is happy to announce that our software engineering team has added AI to the 3DShot app. Soon, the new version of 3DShot will be released and the feature will be available to the public. For now, please watch the feature preview (recorded in the pre-production iOS build) and read the post to find out what opportunities AI will open for 3DShot users.

Removing the background

First, AI will be used to remove the background from 3D Views created with the 3DShot app. Since you shoot content commonly at home, AI will allow you to make your 3D Views more appealing and professional looking. For example, as shown in the video, you’ll be able to shoot a shoe on a table and colored background and, with the help of AI, remove both the table and the background from your 3D View. As a result, you’ll get a high-quality 3D visualization of the product on a smooth background.

Such 3D Views look very similar to immersive content produced in photo studios for professional stores. Soon, we’ll update our application and the opportunity to create professional looking content with just a smartphone will be available to sellers on marketplaces and classifieds, as well as companies creating immersive content for their stores on Shopify and other website builders.

Creating AR holograms with 3DShot

Secondly, AI will be used for the creation of AR holograms in the app without any post-processing. The demo of this feature starts at 00:57 in the video and shows how easy the process of creating a hologram gets thanks to the new technology. You can use this feature for professional purposes (e.g. to demonstrate your apparel collection in AR) or just for fun (e.g. to create an AR selfie and share it with your friends).

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