Cappasity to Present its 3D Imaging Solution for Art During the Venice Biennale 2019

Cappasity is excited to announce that the Company is now an official sponsor and partner of In Dante Veritas, an interactive multimedia exhibition by artist Vasily Klyukin that will be open for viewing from May 8th to November 24th, 2019 at Arsenale Nord, Tesa 94 (30100 Venice) with the support of the Venice Mayor’s Office.

By demonstrating the digitized artworks of the In Dante Veritas exhibition Cappasity will showcase its 3D imaging solution for art visualization. The solution can be used for both art exhibitions as well as museum, gallery, and auction house collections. All the content produced can be viewed on websites, or via mobile or AR/VR applications.

Currently, the Cappasity platform for creation, embedding, and analysis of 3D content is being used by the top luxury retail companies all around the globe. The sponsorship of In Dante Veritas is a part of a larger initiative, Cappasity for Art, which began with the collaboration between Cappasity and the New York Academy of Art.

“I strongly believe that 3D visualization is a true game changer for creators of all kinds: artists, sculptors, architects,” — says Kosta Popov, CEO & Founder of Cappasity. “With the Cappasity platform artists can share their work with a wider audience by creating digital portfolios of their art works in 3D, online catalogues and AR/VR experiences. Also, each art piece is unique and saving its identity in portfolio is priceless. Artworks are often in high demand, and getting them digitized is a great way to immortalize and display them online even after they were bought.”

A question that artists may feel the need to ask is whether all types of materials can be visualized in 3D. The answer is a resounding yes. Creators working in papier mache, in stone, cast metals or steel will remain more than satisfied with the visualization thanks to the Cappasity 3D imaging technology.

In Dante Veritas will be open to visitors during the Venice Biennale 2019, a major cultural worldwide event. As a reimagining of Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century epic poem Divine Comedy, the exhibition explores themes of human vice and sin, Good and Evil, and Dante’s Inferno as environmental collapse, the final consequence of human non-action.

The exposition is comprised of over 100 multimedia elements including sculpture, installation, digital art, audio and light boxes. A significant part of the exhibition is composed of 32 sculptural works, 22 of which represent human vices. All of the sculptures of In Dante Veritas are created with “live sculpture” technique. To maximize flexibility steel plates are assembled without any fasteners, fanning out like the pages of an open book and remaining mobile. At 3.5 meters high, these were the most physically demanding works for the artist to create.

About the artist behind In Dante Veritas

Born in Moscow in 1976, Vasily Klyukin was a successful businessman and founder of a real estate fund, development group and a bank. After 15 years in finances, he moved to Monaco in 2011, where he took up sculpture and design. His architectural concepts are known throughout the world. Highlights from Klyukin’s artistic career include, a published album of architectural concepts called “Designing Legends” in 2013, a designed statuette called “The Golden Madonnina” in 2017 which became the official Design Prize award at Milan Design Week and on-site installation of the “Beating Heart” sculpture at Burning Man Festival. In 2018 Vasily held his solo exhibition at the Ludwig Museum in Russian Museum. Klyukin’s practice often focuses on the environment and ecological problems. In 2018, Klyukin created “Why People Can’t Fly” a sculpture which contained parts of plastic waste collected from over 150 countries. Klyukin supports amfAR, Elton John’s AIDS foundation and his work can often be found at charity auctions. Klyukin’s work is located throughout the world including in Moscow, London, Monte Carlo, Lucerne, Cannes, and Ibiza. His work is highlighly collected. Among his collectors include: Albert II, Prince of Monaco, Charles Saatchi, Sir Leonard Blavatnik, Eva Longoria and Leonardo DiCaprio.

About Cappasity

Founded in 2013, Cappasity is an easy, scalable platform for creating, embedding, and analyzing 3D and AR/VR content. Cappasity brings physical reality into the digital world through interactive and photorealistic 3D images that can be easily embedded into websites, mobile apps, and AR/VR applications.The sponsorship of In Dante Veritas is a part of a larger initiative, Cappasity for Art, which began with the collaboration between Cappasity and the New York Academy of Art. For more information, please visit

Cappasity VR museum demo is available on Steam