Cappasity to Showcase its 3D Product Imaging Platform at NRF 2019

Cappasity is to participate in the NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show on January 13–15 in New York. NRF is more than a conference. It’s a community filled with the largest global audience and exhibitor base.

The Cappasity team will showcase its’ SaaS solution for fast production and easy embedding of 3D product images, Cappasity.AI — effective 3D analytic tool for users’ behavior analysis and for the very first time — the software feature that allows to capture not only physical objects but humans as well. We are also happy to share that the software now has a new mode!

Bringing together 37,000 visitors, 16,000 retailers, 700+ exhibitors from around the world for a one-of-a-kind event in NYC NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show is a marketplace for ideas and relationships. A chance to forge new partnerships, try out best-in-class experiences, and learn from some of the biggest players transforming retail today. An event guaranteed to drive impact. Because after all, what’s the point of a show if you have nothing to show for it?

William Hoo, Business Development manager of the company, will present the Cappasity platform’s unique capabilities and explain how 3D product images can be easily created and embedded into websites and AR/VR applications. He will also demonstrate how Cappasity’s 3D analytic tool works and provide the details into how it helps retailers to understand potential customer behavior and preferences. He also has brand new insight into the Cappasity evolution.

Everyone who is interested in what’s in store for the innovative shopping experience, are welcome to book a meeting via!

See you and stay tuned!