Cappasity will offer their 3DShot app to educational institutions for free

Jul 9 · 3 min read

Students and beginner creative professionals can make their portfolios stand out in the highly competitive market by making it immersive, switching from two-dimensional photos and videos to 3D View. Cappasity is here to help young talents showcase their best work in an innovative 3D View format by offering free subscription plan upgrades ($1200 value per year) for the Cappasity platform, the 3DShot app and the Easy 3D Scan app.

Let’s dive into the details.

Why choose a portfolio in 3D?

In many industries, a portfolio is a key element in hiring a professional. While portfolios used to be presented on paper, in recent years creatives have moved away from that practice and switched to digital portfolios that include photos and videos of their work. Now, the next step for the creative industries is building an immersive, interactive portfolio with 3D Views of their works. For instance, in fashion, adding interactive content can help potential clients and buyers appreciate the pieces in detail, zoom-in to see the quality of the materials, and get a better understanding of the designer’s vision. Since it’s a rather novel practice, providing students with such an opportunity right now can give them a valuable competitive advantage in the labor market. Creating immersive content used to be costly and thus inaccessible to the vast majority of students and recent graduates. Cappasity is here to change that.

What do we offer?

To offer your student a free 3DShot app account and access to making 3D Views and AR content, you need to join the Cappasity partnership program. The 3DShot app is a solution by Cappasity for digitizing products of practically any size (from fine jewelry pieces to cars) using only a smartphone. As a result, students will be able to digitize any item in 3D and embed the 3D View into websites or share them on social media. Right now, 3D Views made with the 3DShot app can be embedded into websites made on Tilda, Wix and Readymag, so the students will have multiple instruments to create their portfolios in an interactive digital format.

Cappasity & IFA Paris: a show to remember

A great example of collaboration between Cappasity and educational institutions is the IFA Paris Graduation Fashion Show for the Bachelor Fashion Design & MA Fashion Design 2020. IFA Paris is a fashion school of design and luxury business in Paris, Shanghai and Istanbul offering undergraduate Bachelor and postgraduate Master and MBA​ programs in fashion.

For two years in a row since 2019, Cappasity transformed the graduation show for the Bachelor Fashion Design & MA Fashion Design 2020 into an immersive experience. The creations of young designers from the renowned French fashion school were demonstrated in 3D and AR.

The Cappasity solution has made it possible for the mentors and potential employers to appreciate the graduates’ designs in detail by allowing them to zoom-in to see the quality of the craftsmanship. Usually, the IFA hosts an offline fashion show at the end of each year but because of the pandemic, they were looking for a new format in which their collections would be presented online. The Cappasity platform was able to provide this solution by creating digital shows in the form of AR holograms that looked like real ones and could be viewed from all angles. Thus, any show participant or jury member were able to view the show just as it was hosted in the comfort of their own home.

Partnership with Cappasity will make it possible for students to digitize their collections in 3D View and create interactive design portfolios. So, if you work for an institution that might be interested in granting your students this unique opportunity, fill out the form via this link and our managers will get in touch with all the details.

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