Cappasity’s Sales Director Live from NRF: Interview by Retail Customer Experience

Feb 18 · 1 min read

Richard Emah, Cappasity’s Sales Director, had the pleasure of being interviewed by Retail Customer Experience at the NRF Big Show.

In the interview, Richard talks about the future of the shopping experience that lies with immersive technologies such as 3D and AR/VR.

Key takeaways:

  • Nowadays, the best shopping experience cannot exist without immersive technologies — solutions that have the power to bridge the gap between physical and online shopping.
  • 3D Views provide much-needed realism and help convey the true product quality. As a result, retailers get six times higher dwell time on the product page and fewer returns.
  • Cappasity AI, a tool for 3D analytics, can track customers’ behavior, identify customer interest in buying a product and report results to the ad agency. It also detects the quality of product visualization and suggests how it can be improved.

You can watch the full interview here:

Cappasity Blog

Immersive shopping experience


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Cappasity Blog

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