Cappasity’s Team lead the recent success at the NRF 2018 event

One of the exciting verticals the Cappasity Team are focused on in 2018 is online retail. The Team recently exhibited at NRF 2018, a retail showcase of “emerging technologies and trends” and how these technologies will transform the way retailers interact with customers and partners alike, offering a more immersive and value sharing experience resulting in better sales conversion and a more connected, embolden and appreciating customer.

Marianna Alshina, Cappasity’s Co-Founder and CBDO, and Natalie Reyes, Cappasity’s CSO, highlighted Cappasity’s technological solution and demonstrated how any online retailer can easily create 3D images of their merchandise and embed them into their online stores and AR/VR applications.

The event serves to showcase to the retail community the technologies which it believes, in its considerable collective wisdom, will change the face of online and traditional retail. There can be no greater presence than being represented at this event. It also serves as a valuable ‘meet and greet’ for ‘rubbing shoulders’ with the retail’s elite and ‘change makers.’ Showing at the event is recognition and vindication the technology you represent will define and form an integral part of retail towards the next millennium.