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COVID-19 & E-commerce: Immersive Tech to Cure Losses

Mar 12 · 2 min read

Cappasity Provides Free Access to Its immersive Technologies to Help Retailers Counter Coronavirus Losses

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, brick-and-mortar retail is suffering losses — 40% of US shoppers are avoiding visits to malls and shopping centers, turning instead to online stores. If the epidemic continues, the number of visitors will decrease by 74.6%. With this situation in mind, Cappasity will provide large retailers with free access to its immersive technologies for efficient online sales.

The offer includes the full spectrum of services: from creating an interactive 3D product presentation to integrating it into online stores, as well as a three-month access to the Cappasity platform and a 3D analytics tool that tracks customer behavior.

“We understand how important it is for retailers not to lose their customers. We are offering them an efficient way to sell online — blurring the line between in-store and online shopping with the help of immersive technologies,” says Kosta Popov, CEO of Cappasity.

Retailers will be able to showcase their products in 3D and AR both on the store website and in mobile applications. With the help of the Cappasity solution, it will be possible to examine any product in detail and get a user experience that is a near-perfect copy of a real shopping trip. Companies will be able to start producing 3D content as quickly as possible, since it takes only 3 minutes to create an interactive 3D product image.

Virtual showroom for buyers

Cappasity also offers retailers an option to create a B2B tool for their business — a virtual showroom for buyers. Due to transport restrictions imposed by the virus, buyers cannot check the quality of the products in person. Thanks to photorealistic 3D images, they can examine the products without leaving home.

“Amid the coronavirus epidemic, most retailers are changing their sales strategy. We focus on creating the e-commerce customer experience that fits current conditions. Since the beginning of the year, we have received 50% more requests than in 2019,” adds Popov.

By boosting the e-commerce part of their business and focusing on high-quality product presentation, retailers can prevent significant financial losses or even increase their sales. For instance, in 2003, the SARS outbreak contributed to the development of the e-commerce market in China.

To get free access to the Cappasity solution, fill out the form on the company’s website. The Cappasity solution in action:

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