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According to Brandwatch’s Digital Marketing Trends 2023 report, in 2023, brands need to find new ways to drive connections and build community through the power of groundbreaking digital technologies. Let’s look at some of today’s trending digital marketing technologies and see how Cappasity helps brands implement them effortlessly.

Augmented Reality

AR shopping tools have become more and more popular among retailers. The reason for this growing interest in AR is quite obvious: with AR technology, brands can remove the barriers of digital customer experiences. When visualizing desired items in AR, online shoppers get a more complete and accurate understanding of the product and consequently feel more confident in their online purchases. 66% of shoppers who use AR are less likely to return their purchases, recent research has revealed.

Besides this, AR turns customers’ shopping journeys into memorable and engaging experiences, which helps brands target younger tech-savvy consumers. For instance, in order to reach Gen Z, Nike has launched an AR-powered shopping experience on Snapchat that lets users customize and virtually try on a pair of Nike Air Force. According to Brandwatch’s report, the popularity of AR shopping will keep growing in 2023.

NFTs and blockchain

The past few years have seen the emergence of exciting technologies like NFTs and blockchain, which offer brands new opportunities to create interesting marketing initiatives. Among the early movers was Hugo Boss who offered unique NFT jackets as prizes in a TikTok challenge. The campaign was hugely successful and ‘broke’ the internet with 3.1 million #BOSSMoves videos and more than 12.5 billion views. In 2023, Brandwatch’s experts expect to see more brands using NFTs and pushing the boundaries of what they’re capable of.

How to implement trending technologies into your marketing strategy

Cappasity offers some groundbreaking solutions for brands to create engaging digital marketing campaigns. With our solution for fashion, brands can create AR holograms, allowing consumers to interact with items like they would do in real life and offering them an accurate and complete view of products. These AR holograms provide animated looks which let shoppers see the materials in motion. The production of a Cappasity AR hologram takes as little as 20 minutes vs 3–5 days with other solutions.

The video demonstrates how a customer can experience apparel in AR.

With Cappasity’s virtual try-on for rings and watches, online stores can provide shoppers with try-before-you-buy experiences, making online shopping more convenient and engaging.

Click the Cube icon to try it on.

Additionally, Cappasity is launching a solution that will allow brands to create NFT-based loyalty programs and add extra value to their products. A Cappasity NFT can contain not only photos and videos, but also text like a brand’s history; immersive content, including 3D/3D View visualization, AR holograms, and virtual try-on; and VIP perks and benefits, like personalized discounts, invitations to events, priority access to new product launches, and more. Brands can add new content to NFTs even after their customer gets the token, which allows them to use Cappasity NFTs as a new customer communication channel.

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