E-commerce in 2021: Key Takeaways from the NRF Consumer Trends Report

Top predictions of what will shape e-commerce in 2021.

Jan 19 · 3 min read

NRF has recently released its yearly consumer trends report, highlighting the rapid growth of livestreaming and social commerce.

What’s next for e-commerce in 2021? Here are the top predictions that anticipate what is likely to shape the year ahead.

“Livestreaming will take center stage in 2021, with the potential to be one of the fastest-growing categories in the digital one-to-one ecosystem.”

For the foreseeable future, directly “shoppable media”, such as livestreams, will be the fastest-growing channels for product marketing. Companies, including Amazon and Google, are already joining the shift that has been fueled by the successes of companies like Tencent. According to IAB’s 2021 Brand Disruption Report, in 2021 global livestream-generated sales are expected to reach $120 billion.

Here at Cappasity we are in step with this trend and have plans to add video calls to the functionality of the 3DShot app.

Imagine that you are on a call with a client and they’re asking about an out-of-stock item or a product line that’s only just been scheduled to go into production. Previously, you would have had to settle for sending samples much later, but soon you’ll get to show 3D product demonstrations to your clients during video calls.

“Social commerce has the potential to grow faster than overall e-commerce — proving once again that, while consumers may not be meeting up in person, socially driven commerce is uniquely embedded in their DNA.”

According to Technavio, the social commerce market is poised to grow by USD 2051.49 billion between 2020 and2024, progressing at a CAGR of almost 31% during the forecast period.

The 3DShot app has a mode, 3D Review, which allows you to create product reviews using 3D images that can then be saved as videos. Check out the video below for application examples.

So, how do brands benefit from the solution? Previously, product samples would have had to be sent to chosen influencers with the brand covering the shipping costs. However, sending a sample isn’t an option at all for products that are yet to be manufactured or are too big to be shipped. Enter the 3DShot app. Now recording a 3D Review of anything from an indoor bike to a manufacturing machine is completely possible. All brands need to do is shoot the item in 3D and send the 3D View link to a blogger. The blogger can manipulate the 3D copy of the object as if it were real and record a unique review.

Check out the 3D Review creation process in the video below.

Imagine you are a marketplace that sells products stored by the seller until a purchase is made and you want to promote some of the products on social media. It is now possible to ask the seller to create a 3D View of the product using our app and your employees will be able to prepare the 3D Review themselves.

“Touch-free technology will become mainstream.”

AR has proven to reduce return rates. It makes perfect sense that looking at a product placed within a real-life environment can help a customer to have a better understanding of it, reducing the likelihood of a return.

The potential of touch-free shopping means that AR solutions will take central stage in 2021. Tools like virtual fitting rooms and virtual try-ons will become widespread.

At Cappasity, we have all of that and more:

  • Holograms for Fashion, the first scalable format for AR with 4K quality. Now shoppers from anywhere in the world can better understand your products (in terms of size, fit, and details) by virtually placing them in their physical environment.
  • Virtual Try-On for rings and watches that can be easily integrated into a brand’s website.

We continue to actively advance our R&D and in 2021 our clients will have the opportunity to use the Virtual Fitting Room.

Read the full version of NRF Consumer Trends Report 2021 for more details.

To hear more about the 3DShot app, take part in exciting challenges, and become a part of the community, subscribe to the app’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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