Eisenhower Foundation integrates Cappasity immersive technologies into educational process

Oct 11 · 4 min read

It’s been a year since the collaboration between the Eisenhower Foundation and Cappasity gained momentum. The Eisenhower Foundation’s mission is to honor and champion the relevance today of the life and leadership of Dwight D. Eisenhower through compelling programs and events that celebrate his legacy. With the help of Cappasity’s solution for immersive experiences, IKEducation, the Eisenhower Foundation’s flagship program for K-12 students, created their Primary Source Library and a series of educational presentations to showcase its artifacts in 3D.

“When Covid hit and prevented students from participating in our programs, we needed to find a way to alter the way we were teaching,” said Helen Pugh, Education Specialist at Eisenhower Foundation. “A major hurdle was ‘how do we get students to be interested in an artifact if they can’t feel the entire object?’ We changed our way of thinking and found Cappasity. With the use of Cappasity, our artifacts can now be seen by students in 3D.”

Now, thousands of children can participate in the Foundation’s educational programs and learn about history by interacting with artifacts just like they would in real life: zoom in, spin them, and examine the details.

In February 2021, the Eisenhower Foundation held “Attic Artifacts: 101st Airborne,” a live webinar for 8th-12th graders. Following World War II, many Americans kept souvenirs of lost loved ones or from their time in the war. For decades, many of these articles were stored in boxes or trunks and then tucked away in attics, basements, and garages. In this educational program, students learned what qualifies as an artifact, and how important artifacts are as sources of information. The immersive experience created with Cappasity allowed students to examine primary sources like artifacts, images, and documents from World War II in a 3D format.

Immersive materials were also used in “I Like IKE: An Election Icon”, a virtual lesson from IKEducation for 5th-8th graders, exploring President Eisenhower’s election and what role presidential campaign slogans played in promoting different candidates. Thanks to the “I Like Ike” 3D library created with Cappasity, students were able to examine 3D views of campaign pins, election memorabilia , and even women’s and men’s fashion with the iconic slogan.

During the V-mail live webinar held by Eisenhower Foundation in 2020, 4th-8th grade students learned why the invention of Victory Mail was so important for Americans and how American ingenuity solved the huge problem of post offices being flooded with mail during World War II. Immersive technology allowed students to zoom in and see all the details of letters and examine primary sources, like the so-called Quink for V-mail, from every angle.

“The use of 3D technology helped our partners from the Eisenhower Foundation to showcase artifacts that are usually unavailable for the general public and to provide their audience with a new learning experience. Immersive technology increases students’ involvement in the educational process and makes learning more entertaining and engaging. Here at Cappasity, we believe that immersive experience is a valuable part of the future of education and we gladly help educational institutions to implement this new technology in their educational programs,” says Kosta Popov, Cappasity CEO.

Cappasity came up with an accessible and scalable solution that allows students to be engaged in the process and see all the details of the past. The high-quality visualization of artifacts in 3D brings history into a new dimension.

To learn how to integrate immersive technology into education, join Cappasity & the Eisenhower Foundation’s live webinar “How to use immersive content for educational projects and museums”.

Time: 14th October 2021, 10:00 AM CDT

During this webinar, Cappasity & the Eisenhower Foundation’s representatives will discuss how to use immersive technology for educational projects and museums. Cappasity will show you how educational institutions and museums can create immersive experiences in the matter of minutes with the Cappasity solution. The webinar will also cover the collaboration between the Eisenhower Foundation and Cappasity that resulted in the creation of Primary Source Library with 3D visualizations of artifacts and a series of immersive educational presentations. Helen Pugh, IKEducation Specialist, will share IKEducation’s experience of using Cappasity 3D technology in the educational process.

To register for the webinar, follow the event page: https://fb.me/e/V1LJbONL

About Cappasity

Cappasity provides comprehensive solutions for the creation and integration of interactive 3D content for various industries. The platform is used in e-commerce, heavy industry, the arts, and education. The solutions are suitable for digitizing products, creating training modules, online documentation management, and remote project hand-overs.

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About the Foundation

The Eisenhower Foundation non-profit was formed in 1945 after the Allied victory in Europe to create a memorial to General Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Foundation opened the Boyhood Home in 1947 and the Museum in 1954. Public and private entities raised $3.5 million to build the Presidential Library, which opened in 1962.

Today, five buildings on 22 acres comprise the campus: the Presidential Library, Presidential Museum, Boyhood Home, Visitors Center and Place of Meditation. In 1990, for the Eisenhower Centennial, the Foundation established the Friends of the Eisenhower Foundation to support programs and outreach at the Eisenhower Presidential Library in Abilene, Kansas.

Website: https://www.eisenhowerfoundation.net/

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