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NFTs have emerged as effective tools to help fashion brands build unique engagement with their audiences and stand out against today’s tough competition. Let’s take a look at recent activations in the Web3 space and explore how you can get involved with the Cappasity solution.

Gucci Vault Material NFT holders will get exclusive physical luxury goods

Gucci came up with an ingenious idea to reward its NFT holders by offering them exclusive physical products, like wallets and bags. Reserved solely for those who own a Gucci Vault Material NFT, these NFTs were initially distributed to holders of Gucci Grail NFTs back in March 2022. The Gucci Grail NFTs are PFPs dressed in digital Gucci through a partnership with narrative NFT project, 10KTF Gucci’s move exemplifies how luxury brands are evolving their NFT strategies to reward early adopters.

Dior introduces NFT-linked sneakers

Dior has seamlessly integrated NFTs into its “B33 Sneaker Limited Edition” series in the Fall/Winter 2023 collection, linking each pair to digital tokens minted on the Ethereum blockchain. These NFTs serve as digital twins, replicating the shoes in the cyber realm and potentially hinting at their future utilization in the metaverse. Priced at $1,350 per pair, the sneakers come with a cryptographic key that provides access to exclusive services. Designed by Dior’s artistic director, Kim Jones, the B33 sneakers offer a modern silhouette with a twist — featuring mohair fabric.

Louis Vuitton launched €39k Digital Treasure Trunk NFTs

Louis Vuitton has unveiled an ultra-limited NFT collection called “Treasure Trunks,” with each trunk priced at €39,000 (approximately $41,600). Only a few hundred of these exclusive NFTs are available. The maison has pointed to use of these NFTs as gateways to the world of Louis Vuitton, with new and limited products being unveiled in addition to immersive experiences throughout the year. Owners will also have the opportunity to purchase digital keys that unlock corresponding limited edition products, providing a unique and ongoing connection to the brand’s offerings.

How Cappasity uses NFTs to help brands engage with communities

Cappasity is now working on a solution that will allow brands to launch an NFT-based loyalty program. Besides regular photos, videos, and text, a Cappasity NFT may grant access to immersive content, including AR and virtual try-on experiences. They can also include VIP perks and NFT holder benefits, such as runway show passes, backstage meet and greets with a brand’s designer, exclusive access to pre-sales of items, and more. Brands can add new content to NFTs even after their customer gets the token, meaning that the Cappasity NFTs will function as a new customer communication channel.

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