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High-quality XR content helps to build NextGen tech

According to Perkins Coie’s 2022 XR Report, XR helps brands build NextGen technologies like Web3 and NFTs by integrating immersive experiences that are critical for their success. Let’s look at the main insights of the report and see how the industry is evolving, what the top barrier to the mass adoption of immersive technologies is, and how to overcome it with Cappasity.

XR and NextGen investment landscape

The survey revealed that the majority (98%) of executives expect their XR spending to increase in 2023, while NextGen technologies — which go hand in hand with XR — are already an investment focus for nearly all the surveyed. When asked about the relationship between the two technologies, most respondents (88%) agreed that XR is the gateway to NextGen technology and that NextGen depends wholly on XR.

Alongside this, nearly all respondents are already investing in NextGen technology, with Web3 and the metaverse being the most popular among those surveyed. Currently, 54% are developing Web3 technology, and 50% are involved with the metaverse, an immersive version of the internet. 40% of the surveyed are focused on investing in non-fungible tokens.

Barriers to mass adoption

According to the report, a lack of quality XR content remains a top barrier to mass adoption. 43% of respondents agreed that developers don’t understand what makes compelling content from a consumer standpoint. To improve existing immersive content, the respondents recommend producing more interactive and immersive content (52%) as well as content that is compatible across different platforms (49%).

How to produce high-quality immersive content with Cappasity

Cappasity allows companies to deliver the best possible quality immersive content to their consumers. We provide the first SaaS solution for the fast production and easy embedding of 3D/AR content into websites, mobile apps, classifieds, and marketplaces. Our core technology is our proprietary 3D format — 3D View — which provides photorealistic quality and 4k resolution. Photorealism is an essential feature of online content because users need to examine all the tiny details of 3D visualizations, zoom in, and understand how an object looks in real life.

This high-resolution, photorealistic quality needs to be delivered quickly to the user. The Cappasity solution allows users to browse 4x faster due to our unique 3D View format with data streaming technology. It is perfectly optimized for all browsers and devices. The simplest analogy to explain our data streaming is YouTube’s video player, which is often embedded into sites so that users can play videos.

Creating a 3D View doesn’t require manual 3D modeling — all you need is to shoot a video of the object in a regular photo studio and convert it to the 3D View format in the Easy 3D Scan software. It only takes 3 minutes per SKU to complete the entire process of 3D content production and integration into websites or mobile apps.

From the same 3D Views, you can create interactive AR Holograms (a unique AR content format developed by Cappasity) within as little as 20 minutes where it usually takes 3–5 days. AR holograms provide animated looks, allowing shoppers to see material in movement and better envision how the items would fit them. Immersive content makes online shopping interactive, increasing sales by more than 30%, and reducing returns.

To experience the 3D View in AR, click the “Cube” icon.

Besides tools for immersive content production, we’re now working on the NextGen technology allowing brands to create NFT-based loyalty programs and add extra value to their products. Brands can add new content to Cappasity NFTs even after their customer gets the token, which allows them to use Cappasity NFTs as a new customer communication channel. Watch the video below to see the solution in action:

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