How 3DShot 3D Reviews Tackle the Sustainability Challenge

3DShot Immersive technology for a sustainable future

Oct 26, 2020 · 3 min read
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The Power of Influencer Reviews

In the age of Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, the fact that influencers have the power to affect how people live is hardly surprising. How you dress and what you eat, where you vacation and what you watch — all these choices are to some degree influenced by the people you follow on social media. Still in doubt? Let’s take a look at the numbers: 71% of buyers get influenced by social media references; 75% of users turn to social media platforms to decide if the product is worth it; 45% of sales conversions can be credited to influencer partnerships. In the last two years, social media referral traffic to online stores has increased by more than 100%, and video blogs are becoming the most sought-after channels for product marketing.

Influencer Campaigns Leave a Bad Footprint

Recently, brands started to shift towards “micro” influencers — those with followings of 100,000 or less. Unlike mega-influencers, their “micro” colleagues come with content that is better tailored to potential customers, have increased engagement rates and a higher return on ad spend.

So, does that mean that smaller influencers are the perfect solution? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Now, instead of sending a sample for review to just one person, brands have to send the product to dozens if not hundreds of influencers. Manufacturing and then shipping products that are never going to reach their target audience creates a sustainability challenge. How can brands solve it?

Digital Sustainability and Virtual Product Reviews

The digitization of physical products has become an emerging idea in sustainability. Thanks to the Cappasity-patented virtual product review technology that powers the 3DShot app, retailers can now make it possible for influencers to use virtual product copies for the product reviews they create. The solution has three sustainability effects:

  • Products are converted to digital form and influencer marketing activities don’t require the use of physical samples or shipping.
  • Functionality is equal or better while negative impact on the environment is reduced.
  • Limited or zero usage of materials.

3DShot 3D Review — Sustainable Product Review

The Cappasity team developed and patented the 3D product review format. Check it out on the 3DShot app website or view the solution in action here:

And here:

Armed with either the Cappasity Easy 3D Scan or the 3DShot app, retailers can create an interactive 3D demonstration (3D View) of any product and share a link with influencers to get a virtual 3D Review. Once the bloggers receive the link to the 3D View of the product, they can record a 3D Review and share it with their followers as a video file. 3D Reviews can also be used to sell products on eBay, Amazon, or any other marketplace or website that allows you to post videos.

Good for Sustainability, Good for Business

The 3DShot app will simplify influencer marketing for brands and bloggers alike. It will contribute to sustainability by converting products into digital form, reducing the use of resources, and eliminating the need to ship samples. As a tool for both virtual product reviews and interactive 3D demonstrations, it will also allow brands to enhance their customer experience, make potential buyers feel more confident in the purchase, and, consequently, boost sales and reduce returns.

Download 3DShot today.

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