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3D technologies have a significant place in the industrial sector, vastly increasing productivity and efficiency for manufacturing companies. Let’s look through the benefits that 3D technology brings to this sector and see how 3DShot can be useful for industrial companies.

How 3D technology benefits industrial companies:

1. Improves employee training and increases knowledge retention

Without proper technical instruction, employees tend to make mistakes that can hinder operational and business performance. Many situations require fast response based on an accurate understanding of the right equipment in the appropriate context. Immersive technology solves this issue by providing workers with interactive operating manuals to help them acquire knowledge safely and develop necessary skills for their jobs. For instance, to train employees remotely, businesses can create an interactive 3D visualization of equipment so that workers can interact with it and better understand how it works.

2. Helps to organize remote work approval processes

It’s much more convenient and time-efficient to demonstrate work progress remotely than to hold in-person meetings with clients. To provide clients with an accurate visualization of the product, industrial companies can digitize it in 3D and remotely show what has been already done.

3. Enhances marketing materials and improves customer experience

Industrial companies can integrate 3D demonstrations of items into marketing and communication strategies to attract more potential customers. Immersive content is useful for sales representatives and leads to an increased customer interest towards continuing negotiation. Embedding 3D images of items into an online catalog is an effective way to improve user experience and engagement, and consequently, increase online sales.

As you see, an industrial company can greatly increase the efficiency of its workflow with the help of 3D technology. To achieve this, a company must make the technology available to every employee and ensure the best possible quality of 3D content. However, most 3D digitizing solutions are complicated, time-consuming and inapplicable to large catalogs. This is where 3DShot comes into play.

What makes 3DShot helpful for the industrial sector

The 3DShot app is a solution by Cappasity for creating and embedding immersive content for any kind of online business. Unlike regular video, interactive 3D Views created with 3DShot allow you to thoroughly examine the object from all angles of perception. Most importantly, 3D Views are created without manual 3D modeling and provide the exact digital twins of the objects.

For industrial use, the app allows employees to create interactive product catalogs and digital archives, digitize industrial emergencies and transmit information about them to a service organization, and create training modules or modules on labor protection.

With 3DShot, you can easily create 3D visualizations of any kind of equipment, from the smallest devices to the largest machinery, in just a matter of minutes. All you need to do is open the app on a smartphone, circle the object, and the app will automatically digitize it into an interactive 3D View format. On average, it takes just 5 minutes to create an interactive 3D View of a piece of machinery, which can later be embedded into a website or sent to a client in the form of a link.

The resulting 3D View can also be completed with annotations and commentaries, which are both useful for creating remote demos or tutorials. This makes the 3DShot app a highly useful tool for the work acceptance processes, as well as the creation of tutorials and digital catalogs.

For instance, an industrial company can easily create interactive QR tutorials with 3DShot. After the 3D View of the object is created, they can generate a QR code which leads to detailed information about the object and its 3D demonstration. QR tutorials can then be placed near the corresponding industrial objects to help employees perform their job safely and efficiently. It’s also possible to integrate a QR tutorial into a website and mobile app.

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