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How 3DShot can be useful for insurance companies

According to Accenture’s Technology Vision for Insurance report, 82% of insurance executives agree their companies must innovate at an increasingly rapid pace to remain competitive. For this purpose, the industry is rapidly adopting modern technologies that help companies improve operations and create a better customer experience. 3D technology is no exception. Let’s look at the benefits 3D imaging brings to the insurance industry and see how 3DShot can be used by insurance companies.

Why use 3D technology in insurance:

As you can see, 3D technology improves the efficiency of the workflow in the insurance industry. However, existing solutions for 3D imaging are time-consuming and complicated, which makes it difficult to implement the technology into the insurance processes.

How 3DShot can be useful in the insurance industry

3DShot is here to change that. It is a mobile app for 3D/360 shooting of items, cars, and real estate with only a smartphone. To create a 3D visual, the user simply launches the app, circles the object or creates a panorama of real estate, and 3DShot will automatically create an interactive 3D View. 3D shooting doesn’t require training and any third-party apps — one object can be digitized in 3D in a matter of minutes thanks to unique technology and AI.

3D Views provide the exact digital twins of the captured objects and spaces. This makes 3DShot a perfect tool for the creation of high-quality interactive digital archives in the insurance industry.

Once the 3D View is created, it is uploaded to the Cappasity platform for 3D content storage, 3D streaming and analytics. The 3DShot app and the Cappasity platform allow the users to independently create 3D content in just a few minutes and integrate it into communication channels. The user can easily share the result with a client or colleague via a link or embed it into a mobile app and website. The resulting 3D View can also be completed with annotations and commentaries, which are both useful for creating digital archives.

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