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How 3DShot can help you sell handmade items

Let’s say you’ve long been doing what you love. Perhaps, that’s making handcrafted jewelry, hand-dipping candles with personalized scents, hand-carving home décor out of reclaimed wood, or knitting scarves. How can you most effectively turn your hobby into a business and boost sales? 3DShot is here to help you digitize handcrafted goods in 3D and provide your potential customers with an immersive shopping experience. Let’s dive into details.

With the 3DShot app, you can easily create interactive 3D Views of items and share them on websites, social media, marketplaces, and classifieds. 3D View is a 3D visualization format developed and patented by Cappasity. All you need to create an interactive 3D View of your handmade item is a smartphone camera and good lighting. The application allows you to shoot any handcrafted goods in 3D, be it tiny accessories, handmade toys, home décor, furniture, or apparel.

Why shoot handcrafted items in 3D

Every tiny detail is meaningful in handmade goods but still images of items fail to showcase your goods from all angles of perception. The 3D View format allows your potential customers to appreciate all the pieces in detail, zoom in to see the quality of the materials and examine it from an all-around perspective. This helps consumers understand your work and products, and make an informed purchase decision. Another advantage of 3D visualization is that it saves time for the merchant: immersive content provides more information about the items, leaving the customers with fewer questions to ask the seller.

On top of that, unlike videos and photos, immersive content is fully interactive and therefore more engaging. According to data obtained by Cappasity, 3D Views of items increase the average time a customer spends on a product page by 15–45 seconds. This helps increase conversion by encouraging customers to add items to their cart and, eventually, purchase them. Immersive content helps customers to take the final step in the buying process.

How to create interactive 3D Views of handmade goods and share them on websites and classifieds

With the 3DShot app, anybody can create interactive content within a matter of minutes. To shoot an item in 3D, the user simply launches the app, circles the item, and 3DShot automatically creates a 3D View of the item. The resulting content is then saved in the Cappasity account, and the seller can display it on their website (via embed code), marketplace or classified. To allow users to share 3D Views, marketplaces and classifieds need to integrate with the Cappasity platform.

A great example of how 3DShot helps merchants sell handcrafted goods on a marketplace is Cappasity’s collaboration with Livemaster. Livemaster is the first and the largest D2C (Direct to Consumer) platform for handmade items, local Russian brands, and people who value handcrafted products. Over 190,000 craftsmen offer their goods at the Livemaster trade fair, and more than 8.5 million people visit the platform monthly.

Thanks to the 3DShot mobile app, any seller on Livemaster can create interactive 3D Views of their items and share them with potential buyers. A Livemaster representative has commented on why their marketplace has decided to use the Cappasity’ visualization solution: “The main difference between our marketplace and others is our rare and unique handmade items, which can’t be found in chain stores. Our buyers make their choices based on the aesthetics and design. They follow their hearts. That’s why we pay attention to our visuals — because we want our customers to be able to inspect every item in close detail. It is very important for us to show our potential buyers that handmade items made in Russia are not only sustainable and unique, they are also high-quality! Our merchants don’t have huge batches and assembly lines, and many goods sold on the platform are one-of-a-kind pieces. Every item is a work of art. Both the Livemaster team and the merchants are open to the customers and we don’t just want to show items on flat pictures, taken from the best angles, we also want to show them from all sides, in 3D.”

You can download the app right now from the App Store and Google Play to create interactive 3D Views of your handmade items. If you want to integrate 3D digitizing technology into a marketplace, feel free to contact us:

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