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How AR technology improves customer experience

According to Snap and Ipsos’ Augmented Shift report, many brands have started to recognize AR’s endless potential for enhancing customer experiences. Let’s take a look at some key insights of the report and see how Cappasity helps deliver memorable AR shopping experiences.

Consumers’ interest in AR shopping is growing. Today 55% of UK AR users identify shopping as a top reason for using AR. They use AR to find out additional information about products, make shopping experiences easier and faster, and to ask family and friends for their opinions on what to buy. 77% of consumers are interested in using AR to interact with a product before buying.

The majority of brands who use AR state it helps them acquire new customers and drive performance metrics. For instance, 4/5 of brands that used AR improved their brand awareness.

Seamless AR shopping converts. According to the report, interacting with products that have AR experiences leads to a 94% higher purchase conversion rate.

Source: Snapchat Blog

Using AR shopping tools turns transactional experiences into long-term loyalty. 64% of brands who use AR state it improves loyalty and customer experience.

How to create an AR shopping experience

Cappasity offers groundbreaking solutions for brands looking to create high-quality AR content. With our solution for fashion, brands can create AR holograms which allow consumers to interact with items like they would in real life, offering them an accurate and complete view of products. The production of an AR hologram takes as little as 20 minutes vs 3–5 days with other solutions.

The video demonstrates how a customer can experience apparel in AR.

AR holograms provide animated looks, allowing shoppers to see the materials in movement. Brands can use AR holograms for not only e-commerce but also engaging in-store shopping, since AR holograms target a common pain of shopping for apparel — the inability to envision how the clothes on hangers will look in real life.

To help consumers better understand how the item fits, a store can print QR codes redirecting shoppers to AR holograms and add them to item tags. The consumer will simply need to scan a QR code with their smartphone, and they will be able to explore a whole outfit in the surrounding environment.

With Cappasity’s virtual try-on for rings and watches, online stores can provide shoppers with try-before-you-buy experiences, making online shopping more convenient and engaging.

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