How can 3DShot help boost your marketplace sales?

Apr 2 · 3 min read

Marketplaces are on the rise globally; experts believe that marketplaces alone will exceed $7 trillion in sales by 2024. This rise is driven by more and more companies choosing marketplaces as the best option to increase the volume of online sales, expand the brand’s geography and optimize logistics. Therefore, the competition between sellers at marketplaces will become more intense in the years to come.

Nowadays, consumer experience and content are the two main battlefields for marketplace sellers. It is no longer enough to simply take pictures of your product and post them, hoping that the right audience will find you. Now is the time to elevate your content to a new level and give your customers an experience that will come as close as possible to shopping in an offline store. Creating high-quality 3D images of your product is a great way to do that.

While creating realistic 3D models used to be a costly and time-consuming process, that’s not the case anymore. With the 3DShot app, you can visualize your products in 3D in a matter of minutes. All you need is your product, great lighting and a smartphone.

Here are a few ways in which 3DShot app can boost your sales at online marketplaces:

1) 3D images increase customer engagement.

Let’s make the numbers do the talking. According to data obtained by Cappasity via an in-built analytical processing system, including high-resolution 3D imagery to your product card results in:

- Increase in the average time spent viewing a product page: from 15–35 seconds to 50–70 seconds

- 29% increase in a customer’s intention to make a purchase

- Customer experience improved by 33%

- Perception of the product improved by 33%

Interactive content also allows for a more realistic depiction of a product, minimizing the percentage of returns, which helps to simplify logistics and reduce operating costs. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple, affordable tool to take your e-commerce to a next level, the 3DShot app is definitely worth looking into. You can find more information on how to integrate content made with 3DShot into a marketplace of your choice here.

2) 3D images of your product will help you stay ahead of the competition

While the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, we are slowly entering the post-pandemic phase where the retailers will have to adjust to new consumer habits and behavior patterns that were shaped in the past year. We are now living in a low-touch economy, where people are becoming more used to being deprived of having offline experiences and making the most of online interaction. Therefore, now is the perfect time to elevate your content and let your customers have a chance to examine your items in detail, almost as they would in a real store.

Since technological giants like Google are betting on 3D technologies and the introduction of new formats into e-commerce, they are helping the companies with existing 3D content to become more visible. Therefore, adding 3D Views of your items to your marketplace may translate into better SEO. Since more and more companies will be utilizing 3D technology in the future, now is the time to reap the benefits of that trend and stay ahead of the competition.

3) 3DShot allows you to make high-quality 3D models that aren’t too heavy

The speed of loading content is integral for making the customer experience enjoyable. Valuable seconds of customer interaction may be lost due to technicalities if the 3D model takes too long to load. The 3DShot app works with the Cappasity cloud platform and streams the 3D View of your product directly from the cloud, which makes it several times faster. Thus, your customer will be able to view the product from all sides without being irritated by a slow connection.

Integrating 3D content into your e-commerce practice is no longer costly, nor does it demand a high level of technical expertise. Thanks to the 3DShot app, there are no more hindrances to prevent you from taking a leap of faith into the new world of immersive content. Try it out now at

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