How Cappasity’s 3D Views increase sales

Sep 1 · 5 min read

Providing your customers with interactive, immersive content increases customer engagement, affects the average time spent on a product page, and consequently increases the conversion rate on your online website. Don’t just take our word for it. See how Cappasity’s 3D visualizations of items increase sales.

About Cappasity 3D View

Cappasity allows online retailers to create interactive 3D Views of any product and showcase them on websites and mobile applications. A 3D View is a 3D visualization format developed and patented by Cappasity. Cappasity 3D View doesn’t require creating a 3D model, that’s why it takes only 3 minutes to create a 3D View of one item. Creating a 3D View is a simple 3-step process. Firstly, shoot the video of the chosen object with a digital camera. Since Cappasity uses the video format instead of a sequence of images to digitize items in 3D, the shooting process is time-effective and allows you to shoot any type of item, even hanging or unsteady objects. Then you can digitize the result in 3D with Easy 3D Scan to get a 3D View. Once a 3D View is ready, you can embed it into anything you wish, be it a website, mobile, or 3D/AR application. Cappasity technology is ten times faster in 3D production than any known 3D/360 technology and doesn’t require any special equipment.

3D Views increase the time a customer spends on a product page, encouraging customers to add items to their cart

It goes without saying that the time spent by a customer in a shopping environment has a direct impact on purchases. According to Google Benchmarking, in 2019, the average time on a product page for e-commerce websites was 38 seconds. Yet, according to research, purchase probability is at its highest when a person spends around 50 seconds on a product page. So, how can retailers improve time on page in order to boost sales?

Most experts agree that the perfect way to increase the average time on a product page is to provide engaging content that the shopper can interact with. Informative, concise, and immersive is the formula for the ultimate product page content. Data obtained by Cappasity shows that the average interaction time with a product’s 3D View is 15–30 seconds, depending on the product category.

As a result, the average time on a product page increases by 40%, reaching the desired 50–60 seconds that lead to the highest possible purchase probability. According to key metrics obtained after performing Cappasity customer development, 3D Views increase a customer’s purchase intent by 29%. 3D Views help customers take the final step in the buying process.

3D Views increase clients’ experience and make them more deliberate about making a purchase

59% of customers consider visual information to be the deciding factor in making a purchase. In terms of importance for the buyer, it ranks higher than both product description and price. Yet, 2D photos, no matter how good, offer no interactivity and little engagement. The same is true for video. In fact, 95% of shoppers find product pages with interactive 3D Views more engaging than those with product videos.

Unlike photos and videos, 3D Views are fully interactive, allowing customers to get a good look at an item from any angle and zoom in to see the details. This enables them to examine a product as they would in real life, truly seeing the quality and details so they can purchase with confidence. The key metrics obtained after performing the Cappasity customer development prove the point: the client experience becomes 33% more efficient, perception of the product improves by 23%, and customers become 29% more deliberate about making a purchase.

3D Views minimize risking a customers’ disappointment after the purchase, decreasing the number of returns

One of the reasons for low sales on an online website is frequent returns. Frequent returns occur because of a lack of product photos from the necessary angles and the inability to inspect the product in detail. Returns account for almost 30% of all sales and, on average, 35% of respondents mentioned that the discrepancy between the photos seen online and the resulting product was the main reason for returning the item.

Embedding high-quality 3D Views of items into an online store is a perfect way to showcase products from all angles of perception, providing customers with more visual information about the product. The more a customer knows about the product, the less are the risks of their disappointment after the purchase, which helps businesses minimize the number of returns on their platform.

What Cappasity clients say

A great example of how Cappasity 3D Views have helped a business increase their conversion is the cooperation between Jazmin Chebar and Cappasity. Deploying Cappasity for its website, the fashion brand wanted to create an engaging online shopping experience that drives sales, loyalty and product awareness. After embedding Cappasity 3D Views into the online store, Jazmin Chebar managed to increase conversion and an average time on a product page.

“As a luxury brand we deeply value this unique opportunity to show the quality and the materials of our high-end fashion products to our customers. The Cappasity solution helped us in that goal and moved us to a new stage of product representation with high-quality 3D images. We saw improvements in our conversion rates and time spent on the product page, and managed to achieve impressive results across all departments thanks to Cappasity 3D technology,” says Julieta Maidana, e-commerce manager at Jazmin Chebar.

A leading US-based luggage maker Samsonite has also selected Cappasity to provide their customers with an immersive shopping experience. As a result, the brand has noticed the increased customer engagement on product pages with 3D Views. Jay Nigrelli, VP of e-commerce Samsonite, commented, “It is important for our customers to have the opportunity to examine the goods in detail, and 3D visualization allows us to bridge the gap between online shopping and brick-and-mortar stores. We chose Cappasity because their solution allows us to share comprehensive product information with our customers. 82% of visitors who select a product 3D View actively interact with it”.

Claris Virot uses the Cappasity 3D imaging solution to deliver the best possible browsing experience to their customers. Thanks to immersive technology, the brand managed to increase the average time on a product page. “Cappasity’s cutting-edge technology makes online shopping easier and more natural for them, allowing them to study materials, textures, and colors in every detail. This helps us to differentiate in the market and showcase our unique products as never before. With Cappasity, our visitors spend an average of 19 seconds more time browsing products and 26 seconds more on the most popular bags,” commented Jean-Christophe Ankaoua, President of Lion-Snakes (Marque Claris Virot).

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