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How Classifieds Can Improve Content in 2022

In e-commerce, where physically examining items is impossible, product visualization plays a key role. Visual demonstration of a product is a powerful way to convey crucial information to online shoppers and influence their choices. High-quality visual content is particularly important for classified users who often doubt sellers’ reliability and the quality of advertised items. Let’s see how classifieds can improve the visualization of products and how high-quality content will benefit both sellers and buyers.

A classified website is an online platform to promote products or services, connecting both buyers and sellers in one single entity. For sellers, publishing a classified ad is a great way to reach a wider audience and attract consumers’ attention to offered products and services. Buyers use classified websites to find rental apartments, job postings, furniture, electronics or alternatives to in-store products like used cars and second-hand goods.

How classifieds sellers create visual content for their ads

According to recent research, the quality of product images and the seller’s income are closely related. In fact, the better quality images sellers use, the more successful they are. However, the quality of images for used items is generally lower than that for new items. While a small percentage of sellers on classifieds consider sales a regular income and create high-quality content, using professional lighting, models and photographers (only 26% of Etsy sellers run their shops as full-time businesses), the rest are running small businesses or simply want to get rid of unnecessary things. For them, sales remain an insignificant income, so they don’t use professional product photography for their listings. As a result, a huge number of product images on classifieds are of a poor quality.

Why classifieds sellers create low-quality content

There are multiple reasons why sellers publish classified ads with low-quality product visualizations. First, high-quality content production is challenging for sellers who don’t possess professional photography skills and equipment. Many private sellers struggle with product photography, particularly when they’re starting out. For instance, 40% of new shop owners on Etsy mentioned product photography is either somewhat difficult or very difficult for them.

Besides, professional product photography is expensive. White background product photography ranges from $20-$90 per photo for most respected e-commerce professional product photography studios. At the same time, this cost doesn’t include other expenses like buying and returning props, styling options, models, location, or extra fees that go into the creation of a photoshoot. Most sellers create at least 2–3 photos per product so the price per product may reach $400 and above depending on the complexity of the shooting process. Since sales are an insignificant income for the vast majority of sellers on classifieds, most of them can’t afford professional product photography or think there’s no need to fork out on it. They prefer cheaper alternatives like taking photos with their smartphones or looking for photogenic spots nearby.

Additionally, creating high-quality product visuals takes quite some time. Private sellers who use classifieds for getting rid of unwanted stuff simply won’t waste much time on product photography, particularly as it’s a small part of the whole process. Other than taking photos, sellers need to sign up, enter contact details, write the description of the product, and publish an ad on a classified site. Creating high-quality product visuals seems time-consuming for many sellers, so they either neglect photo quality or use stock images to demonstrate the product.

Why visual content is important and how classifieds can improve it

Meanwhile, product visualization continues to play a crucial role in consumers’ decision-making process. According to Etsy’s buyer surveys, 90% of shoppers said the quality of photos were “extremely important” or “very important” to a purchase decision. High-quality visualization of an item improves product perception, enhances buyer engagement and makes consumers more deliberate about making a purchase. So how can classifieds help sellers improve their visuals and boost sales? Is there an easy-to-use, inexpensive, and time-effective tool to produce high-quality content for classified ads?

This is where 3DShot comes into play. With the 3DShot mobile app sellers can easily create interactive 3D Views (data format developed and patented by Cappasity) of goods, cars or real estate, and share them on classified websites. To allow users to share 3D Views, classifieds need to integrate with the Cappasity platform via API or support iFrame code integration.

Since the app is extremely easy-to-use, it is suitable even for private sellers who have just started running their small businesses or use classified websites to get rid of unnecessary things. The seller simply launches the app, circles the item, and 3DShot will automatically create a 3D View. The resulting content is then saved in the Cappasity account and the seller will be able to display it on the classified site that supports 3D View data format.

Unlike flat images, the 3D View format offers a variety of interactions for consumers: they can rotate items, zoom in, estimate the quality and materials, and check every tiny detail. Now that the seller can demonstrate the product from different angles, they won’t need to take multiple photos of the item — it’s enough to create one 3D View, and consumers will get all the required visual information. Additional interactivity improves customer engagement, leading to higher time on the product page and higher probability that the consumer will contact the seller and end up with a purchase.

The ability to examine a product in detail is extremely important for used car buyers. To provide buyers with an opportunity to inspect used cars’ interior online, CarSwitch has integrated with 3DShot. CarSwitch, founded in 2016, is an online marketplace for used cars in the U.A.E and Saudi Arabia. Now buyers can spot any hidden damages on the vehicle, meaning they can choose a used car online with confidence. Interactive 3D Views of cars increase consumer engagement, time on page, and conversion rates.

“CarSwitch is on a mission to make used car buying as seamless as possible. Cappasity’s 3D views are a great opportunity to give our buyers an unparalleled car browsing experience, so we decided to give it a shot. The response so far from our users has been great — cars with 3D views garner much higher engagement and interest from buyers. The process of capturing the 3D shot is also straightforward and we’ve been able to roll it out in both UAE and KSA in just a few weeks,” comments Mohammad Ali Raahim, CarSwitch Head of Product.

To provide your classified’s users with the ability to create interactive 3D Views of products, contact our team at

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