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How classifieds will benefit from integrating interactive 3D content

Interactive content has grown in popularity in the largest marketplaces and classifieds in the both US and Europe over the past couple of years. According to media forecasts, immersive technologies like 3D visualizations of items, augmented reality, and virtual try-on will remain the top trends for online retail in 2022. Let’s see how classifieds will benefit from integrating 3D content and how Cappasity 3DShot can help them compete online.

Immersive content has the power to increase customer engagement and online conversion but unfortunately it’s unavailable to users of most classifieds because it’s difficult to produce. Cappasity’s 3DShot makes it easy for any merchant to create content that sells. With 3DShot, sellers can create and publish interactive 3D Views (data format developed and patented by Cappasity) of goods, cars and real estate. The 3D View format offers a variety of interactions for consumers: they can examine products like in brick-and-mortar stores by rotating them, zooming in and checking every tiny detail.

To create an interactive visualization, the seller simply launches the app, then circles the item while filming, and 3DShot will automatically create a 3D View. The resulting content is then saved in their Cappasity account and the seller can display it on a classified. To allow users to share 3D Views, classifieds need to integrate with the Cappasity platform via API. Our solution provides all necessary tools for 3D content creation and integration, including a mobile app for 3D shooting and a cloud-based platform for uploading and integrating 3D View content into classifieds. 3D Views don’t slow down your website, as content goes directly from the Cappasity cloud to the user.

See for yourself how easily and quickly you can create 3D Views with 3DShot and integrate them into classifieds:

Kufar, part of Adevinta Group, was one of the very first classifieds to allow its users to create immersive content with the 3DShot app. Adevinta operates classifieds in 16 countries and in 2020 agreed to acquire eBay Classifieds Group for USD 9.2 billion.

“In 2020, because of the pandemic, there was a tremendous increase in online transactions in Belarus. Still, when ordering online, there is always a risk of receiving an item that looks different to the image on the store’s website. 3D visualization technology can help bridge this gap by replicating the in-store shopping experience. Kufar’s clients will be the first in Belarus to get access to this technology,” says Artsiom Rabtsevich, CEO of Kufar.

The ability to examine a product just as the customer would in real life is especially important for used car buyers. A 3D View of a car can help the consumer to see the vehicle from all angles of perception and check all its tiny details, bridging the gap between online and offline. By interacting with a 3D demonstration of a used car the consumer will notice even hidden damages on the vehicle, see tiny chips, dents, or scratches on the car, and choose a used car online with confidence. With interactive 3D Views, consumers get more information about the car’s exterior condition, which saves much time for car sellers and buyers.

CarSwitch, an online marketplace for selling and buying certified used cars in UAE and KSA, has integrated with Cappasity 3D technology for remote demonstration of used cars. CarSwitch specialists can now share 3D Views of used cars on the platform, and buyers have an opportunity to examine vehicles as they would offline from the comfort of their homes.

“CarSwitch is on a mission to make used car buying as seamless as possible. Cappasity’s 3D Views are a great opportunity to give our buyers an unparalleled car browsing experience, so we decided to give it a shot. The response so far from our users has been great — cars with 3D Views garner much higher engagement and interest from buyers. The process of capturing the 3D shot is straightforward and we’ve been able to roll it out in both UAE and KSA in just a few weeks,” comments Mohammad Ali Raahim, CarSwitch head of product.

Without further ado, let’s see how interactive 3D Views benefit classifieds, merchants, and buyers.

Interactive content improves customer experience

According to Gartner, customer experience will become the main priority for online businesses over the next few years. One of the most effective ways to improve customer experience is to provide them with high-quality visualizations of items. This is where 3D Views made with 3DShot come into play. Our proprietary 3D View format provides high-resolution quality and gives customers a more in-depth insight into how the product looks in real life. With interactive 3D Views of items, customers can appreciate their true quality, which is especially important for items sold through classifieds. For instance, when looking for a second-hand product, the consumer will have the opportunity to look at the item from different angles and zoom in to check for any scratches, scrapes, or spots.

As a result, the consumer will be able to make a more informed purchase decision. Key metrics obtained after performing the Cappasity customer development prove this point: client experience becomes 33% more efficient, product perception improves by 23%, and customers become 29% more deliberate about making a purchase.

Interactive 3D Views increase customer engagement and time spent on the product page

3D Views allow consumers to interact with items like in brick-and-mortar stores, making their online shopping experience more engaging. Most experts agree that the more time a consumer spends on a product page, the more likely they end up with a purchase. After integrating 3D Views of items, the average time on a product page increases by 40%, leading to the highest possible purchase probability.

Interactive 3D Views are a win-win for classifieds, sellers and buyers

3DShot is a perfect tool for sellers to create interactive 3D content for demonstrating items on classifieds integrated with the Cappasity platform. All the seller needs to create immersive content is a smartphone camera. Thanks to 3DShot, the technology previously offered to enterprises is now available to private sellers. Immersive content is much more engaging than flat images and it will attract more customers to the sellers’ offerings.

Consumers, in turn, will have an opportunity to inspect products like they would in brick-and-mortar stores, examine all tiny details while checking the material and quality from different angles. Interactive 3D Views will help them choose products sold on a classified with confidence. Additionally, immersive online shopping is much more engaging than looking through flat images of items and takes the customer experience to the next level.

By integrating interactive 3D Views, classifieds will elevate customer experience and engagement and boost online conversion. As the battle for customers is getting more serious, marketplaces must seek to retain loyal sellers. Given the equally high quality of traffic on classifieds, merchants choose the best service, and 3D visualization is an innovative technology that is highly beneficial for them. As a result, classifieds will become more appealing for both new sellers and consumers.

If you want to integrate 3DShot into your classified or marketplace, contact our team at

Note that the integration is completely free for classifieds and marketplaces.

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