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How fashion brands can create hundreds of 3D Views a day

Now that so many more people are ordering apparel and accessories online, customers are becoming more choosy about the products they purchase. If the customer feels that they can’t examine a product thoroughly or fears that they may have to return the product as it’s not what they were expecting to get, they will likely turn away. Therefore, product visualization is one of the major factors that will affect customers’ decision-making process. Since people have had to stay at home and shop online during the pandemic, high-quality 3D visualizations of items have become a huge thing, especially in fashion e-commerce. Interactive 3D content allows customers to examine items as they would in brick-and-mortar stores, elevating the customer experience and boosting online sales.

Smooth and time-effective 3D content production is beneficial for enterprises that work with large quantities of SKUs. Yet, many 3D digitizing solutions make it impossible for fashion retailers to mass-produce 3D content in short timeframes. Cappasity is here to change that. It is the first scalable and easy-to-adopt solution for complex e-commerce projects. It takes only 3 minutes per SKU to create a 3D View (data format developed by Cappasity) and embed it into a brand’s store. This allows fashion retailers to 3D digitize hundreds of items daily. Let’s see how Cappasity speeds up the mass production of 3D content.

With Cappasity, fashion brands use the easiest and fastest way of 3D shooting

As a rule, creating a 3D visualization implies either taking multiple photos of an item or manual 3D modeling. Both these ways of creating 3D content won’t meet your needs if you’re going to 3D digitize an abundance of SKUs. When creating a 360° image out of multiple photos, a photographer has to continuously start and stop the turntable with an item to produce a smooth 3D visualization. The item may get swinging every time the photographer stops the turntable, and the photographer will have to wait until the object gets stable again to keep taking photos. In this case, 3D shooting of one item could take nearly up to 15 minutes. This drastically slows down the mass production of 3D content. As a result, photographers take fewer photos and produce content that looks more like a slideshow than a smooth 3D visualization.

Manual 3D modeling, in turn, requires the experience of a 3D artist, is time-consuming and expensive. Creating a high-quality 3D model costs more than $500 and takes at least 2 days. Fashion items like accessories, shoes, and handbags are very time-consuming to design as they have many tiny details. Additionally, manual 3D modeling doesn’t allow you to easily create interactive 3D content with models wearing apparel collections. To produce such a 3D visualization, you’ll need to manually create and animate the 3D model, which will cost you $1,500+. Therefore, 3D modeling doesn’t suit fashion brands that operate with large quantities of items.

Cappasity, in contrast, doesn’t require manual 3D modeling or taking a sequence of photos. To create an interactive 3D View, your photographer needs to shoot a 4K video of a rotating object on a turntable, which takes less than a minute. Since a 3D View’s source is video, photographers can shoot items in many different ways: on a turntable, moving models, or mannequins. It’s also possible to shoot hanging and unstable objects in 3D with Cappasity.

For instance, it’s possible to put a handbag on a turntable or hang it to create a 360° View. Your photographer can also ask the model to demonstrate the item’s features, convenience, and utility by removing the strap, unzipping the bag, or demonstrating various ways of wearing it. Shooting such interactive 3D Views is possible even when you mass-produce immersive content.

When it comes to digitizing apparel collections in 3D, Cappasity leaves it to you to decide how you showcase the items. You can shoot apparel on invisible mannequins to create 360° Views, or ask a model to demonstrate how the apparel fits. The model can walk down the catwalk, pose on a turntable and move slightly to show the fabrics in movement.

To speed up the shooting process, fashion retailers can shoot items in multiple studios simultaneously. All the content will be saved in one place — the brand’s Cappasity account.

Cappasity provides a complete infrastructure of tools for mass 3D content production and integration

Our turnkey solution includes the Cappasity SaaS platform and the Easy 3D Scan software, in which all the post-production takes place. Retailers don’t need to acquire additional software to mass-produce 3D content. With the Easy 3D Scan program, making large quantities of 3D Views is easier than ever. The program extracts all the data necessary to create a 3D View without the participation of a photographer.

Easy 3D Scan comes with presets that speed up the process of 3D content post-production. A preset is a collection of edits that are recorded as a batch and can be applied to any number of 3D Views. Presets come in handy when you work with different product groups. This feature saves much time for fashion retailers since they won’t have to set editing parameters every time they want to edit a 3D View. Presets are beneficial when creating a digital catalogue, where hundreds of similar items have to be shown in the same manner. It’s important to apply a preset to the items that have been shot in the same studio setup.

Additionally, Easy 3D Scan offers the batch processing mode. This software converts huge amounts of videos into 3D Views without human participation. Fashion brands only need to shoot the videos of items, import them to the software, and leave them — Easy 3D Scan does the rest. With batch processing, you can also perform a bulk upload of 3D Views to your Cappasity account. This is where you upload, store, and analyze the 3D content.

Once 3D Views are uploaded to your Cappasity account, they can be used in all sales channels simultaneously (e.g. the brand’s website and mobile app). Cappasity provides enterprise clients with API/SDK for automatic synchronization of their online store catalogue with the Cappasity account. This lets you instantly sync your uploaded 3D Views with the relevant product listings on your website.

The 3D player is seamlessly integrated with the retailer’s website. Thanks to the API, a wide range of embedding opportunities are possible. The HTML5 player becomes an integral part of the site: the image size automatically adjusts itself to the format of the “window”. The player is fully compatible with all types of browsers.

Thanks to the fastest 3D shooting process and the complex infrastructure of tools, Cappasity is the only solution that allows you to produce hundreds of 3D Views daily. To start digitizing your brand’s apparel and accessories into 3D View format, contact our team at:

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