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While shooting apparel for an e-commerce store or social media, presenting clothes in the best possible way is essential to ensure your customers want to buy what you’re selling. With Cappasity, fashion brands can create inviting 3D visualizations of clothes to impress their audience and help consumers take the final step in the buying process. In this guide, you’ll find the best ways to showcase your fashion brand’s apparel online in 3D format.

Why choose the immersive format

There are 2 important reasons why fashion brands should choose the immersive format to present their collections online. Firstly, unlike standard photos, the immersive format allows fashion brands to showcase the apparel in movement, so consumers can see how the clothes fit. Secondly, thanks to 3D visualizations, potential customers can examine every tiny detail of apparel, getting the most accurate perception of the clothes’ material and quality.

With 3D visualizations of apparel, consumers can examine clothes as they would in real life: spin them, zoom in, and examine the details. This increases engagement, sales and guarantees higher purchase confidence. On top of that, an immersive online shopping experience makes your fashion brand stand out in the competitive market.

How it works

Cappasity is the first end-to-end solution for fast production, easy embedding, and powerful analysis of 3D content. Cappasity lets companies create and embed 3D Views of items — a data format developed by Cappasity for websites and mobile apps. 3D Views provide consumers with an immersive experience and blur the line between online and in-store shopping. Cappasity is a scalable solution for large-scale businesses that allows them to shoot 3D Views at the speed of 1 SKU per 3 minutes while maintaining the maximum content quality.

Additionally, Cappasity’s solution for fashion allows businesses to create AR holograms of items. AR holograms are interactive 3D images of items that a consumer can place within a real-life environment by simply tapping the button to activate an AR mode on their smartphone. AR helps bridge the gap between the digital world and reality. By looking at a product placed within a real-life environment, a customer can have a better understanding of it.

To shoot 3D Views of your fashion designs, you’ll need to find a photo studio and digitize your fashion designs in 3D with the Easy 3D Scan program. To get a perfect 3D View of a model wearing your apparel collection, you’ll need a 4K camera, white backdrop, and studio lights. The collaboration between Victoria Andreyanova and Cappasity is a good example of the shooting process:

Without further ado, let’s look through ways to shoot outstanding 3D Views of an apparel collection in a photo studio.

Shoot apparel on a moving model using a white backdrop

The first way to create an appealing 3D View of your fashion design is to shoot a model without a turntable, using a white backdrop. Ask your model to turn around to show the apparel in movement for a more natural effect. This way, consumers will be able to examine the materials and better understand how the clothes fit. Once the shooting process is finished, use Easy 3D Scan to turn your videos into the 3D format. With Easy 3D Scan, digitizing moving models in 3D is a piece of cake. The program comes with the Align Mode that helps to remove the natural gap between the start and the end of the motion to ensure the smoothest rotation possible. Interact with 3D Views of apparel below and see for yourself how this format can benefit your online store:

© Victoria Andreyanova

Shoot clothes on a model walking down the catwalk

Thanks to immersive technology, fashion brands can present apparel collections in the format of a fashion show. Simply ask the model to walk around the backdrop and strike their pose for a moment like they would on a catwalk. The model can also walk from one side of the shoot area to another. The model’s movements make 3D Views more natural. While interacting with resulting 3D Views, your audience will feel like they are visiting a real fashion show, or, even better, if they need to examine the apparel at a particular moment of the immersive fashion show, they will be able to put the model back in the necessary pose with a finger movement or a mouse click.

© Gloria Jeans

Shoot the model on a turntable

A turntable allows you to showcase the apparel in the 360-degree format. A model wearing your brand’s apparel can either stand still on a turntable or move slightly with their hands to show the material in movement. No doubt, a 360° View of apparel is beneficial for both consumers and fashion brands. Consumers can zoom in and rotate an interactive 360° View and study it as scrupulously as if they were shopping in a real store. Since the apparel is on a model, a consumer can visualize how the clothes would fit them in real life from all-around and make more conscious purchasing decisions. This, in turn, ignites trust in the brand and also reduces the number of returned goods.

© IFA Paris

© IFA Paris

Shoot 3D Views on a mannequin

If you can’t shoot your apparel collection on models, use an invisible mannequin instead (an example from Amazon). Online shoppers are more likely to buy an item of clothing if they can visualize how it’ll look when they wear it. A mannequin will give your clothes a realistic human shape without the hassle of finding a model for each photoshoot. A visible but beautiful mannequin will also meet your needs. Once you ensure that the apparel fits well, create a 360 View of the mannequin.

Immersive fashion shows

As mentioned above, Cappasity allows fashion brands to not only create 3D Views of apparel but also to show a collection of clothes in Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality creates a unique digital experience that blends the best of the digital and physical worlds and allows your consumers to watch a fashion show in their surrounding environment. Here at Cappasity, we believe that AR technology is a valuable part of the fashion industry’s future. We gladly help fashion brands showcase their collections in this cutting-edge format.

For instance, thanks to Cappasity, Victoria Andreyanova became the first fashion brand in Russia to present a new collection in an immersive format. Sixteen looks were digitized in the AR format. To see how AR holograms can benefit your website, click the Cube icon and interact with the model from the “Snow Maiden” collection:

© Victoria Andreyanova

Another example of an immersive fashion show is a collaboration between Cappasity and International Fashion Academy Paris, which allowed students of IFA Paris to showcase their adaptive fashion designs in 3D and AR format. Immersive content helped the audience examine fashion designs from any angle and bridged the gap between viewing items online and visiting an offline fashion show.

Cappasity is here to help fashion brands showcase their collections in an immersive format. To start digitizing your fashion collections in 3D, fill out the contact form on our website. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay tuned.

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