How fashion designers can create a digital portfolio with immersive content

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A portfolio is an essential visual self-promotion tool for a fashion designer. Designers are cropping up every day, so creating a great portfolio is one of the most productive ways to get noticed in today’s competitive fashion industry. Thanks to the Cappasity platform, Easy 3D Scan, and the 3DShot app, talented designers have an opportunity to make their portfolios stand out by using immersive technology.

The immersive technology allows you to create a portfolio that is unique and impacts your audience, potential employers and customers. For fashion, it’s a perfect way to provide your audience with the opportunity to interact with the presented item, zoom in and check the quality of the used materials, examine all tiny details of your design, and assess it at its true worth. Let’s get a more in-depth insight into how fashion designers can create an immersive portfolio and showcase their designs in an innovative format.

Shoot your fashion designs in a studio and digitize them in 3D with Easy 3D Scan

The first way to create an immersive portfolio is to find a photo studio and digitize your fashion designs in 3D with the Easy 3D Scan program. To get a perfect 3D View of a model wearing your apparel collection, you’ll need a 4K camera, white backdrop, and studio lights. Easy 3D Scan allows models to show off your fashion designs from all angles of perception; they can hold a static pose or walk towards the camera to show the apparel in movement. It’s also possible to put a model on a rotating platform to create 360-degree Views.

Once you’ve shot the whole collection, use the Easy 3D Scan app to digitize your fashion designs in 3D. The program is designed with non-tech-savvies in mind and doesn’t require any technical skills. Simply import the resulting video files and use in-built filters for post-production. Upload the 3D View to the Cappasity cloud and embed it into your digital portfolio.

A great example of an immersive portfolio in the fashion industry is the April 2021 collaboration between Cappasity and Victoria Andreyanova. The collection “Snow Maiden’’ was fully digitized in 3D, and Victoria Andreyanova became the first brand in Russia to present a new collection in the immersive format. Just look through a couple of apparel designs and see the advantages of an immersive portfolio by interacting with the models:

Also, it’s possible to make 3D Views of any object, be it apparel, scarfs, shoes or hats.

Create a portfolio that includes AR holograms with Easy 3D Scan

To get the best of an immersive portfolio and impress your audience with an out-of-the-box fashion show, use Easy 3D Scan to create AR holograms of your items and models. Augmented reality creates a unique digital experience that blends the best of the digital and physical worlds and allows your potential employers and customers to watch a fashion show in their surrounding environment. Additionally, AR technology helps fashion designers differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

The shooting process is the same as described previously and requires photo studio equipment. Again, you can shoot models wearing your apparel collection or separate objects like bags, shoes, and other accessories. Then use Easy 3D Scan to create 3D Views with AR content, upload them to the Cappasity platform and copy the embed code to share it on your digital portfolio. Your audience will simply need to click the Cube icon in the window with a 3D View and scan the QR-code with their smartphone to watch your fashionable designs in the AR format.

Coming back to the first immersive fashion show in Russia, what makes the show unique is that 16 looks were digitized in the AR format. With immersive technology, the brand managed to take the collection’s idea of conscious consumption to the next level. There’s nothing more environmentally friendly than immersive clothes that can be easily disposed of simply by rewriting their code. To see how AR holograms will benefit your digital portfolio, click the Cube icon and interact with the model from the “Snow Maiden” collection:

Use the 3DShot app to create a digital portfolio with 3D Views on the go

Don’t want to rent a photo studio? Or running out of time and need an immersive portfolio urgently? This is where the 3DShot app comes into play. 3DShot is a mobile application that allows everybody to create outstanding 3D Views with a typical smartphone camera. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to provide your audience with an immersive experience while looking through your digital portfolio. The best part is, it’s always in your hand so you can create immersive content on the go.

To create 3D Views of your fashion designs with 3DShot, find a location for 3D View shooting with good lighting, open the app, ensure that the model or objects fits into the frame and move slowly around it to create a 3D View. Use in-built filters to make it even more appealing, and share the link to the immersive content on your portfolio. With the 3DShot app, even students can create digital portfolios with immersive technology since it’s free of charge and the 3D shooting process is a walk in the park.

Cappasity is here to help you improve your digital portfolio and provide your audience with unforgettable immersive experiences. Install our apps and make your portfolio stand out with Cappasity:

Easy 3D Scan:


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