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According to the newest Capgemini Research Institute report, immersive technologies allow companies to provide a differentiated customer experience. To find out what consumers think about AR and VR and how businesses implement these technologies, the company surveyed 8,000 consumers and 1,000 organizations across various sectors and geographies. Let’s look at the main insights of the report and see how the customer experience can be enhanced with Cappasity.

Consumers believe immersive technologies will be valuable to them throughout the buying cycle

The research revealed that consumers are interested in immersive experiences made available through mobiles, web browsers, voice assistants, sensors, and extended reality headsets. 58% of consumers mentioned immersive experiences could be impactful and valuable during product selection and purchase. Nearly half of consumers believe immersive experiences will also impact product awareness and consideration and product usage and support.

A great example of how immersive technology can help consumers during product awareness and consideration is MAC Cosmetics’ virtual try-on feature. The beauty brand uses AR to allow shoppers to choose cosmetics based on their skin tone and then try out products virtually, getting a comprehensive understanding of the product in relation to their own preferences.

Adidas uses immersive technology to help consumers during product selection and purchase. The sportswear giant has built a virtual try-on app to let online shoppers see instantly how a particular design would look on them. Such an innovative approach to online sales helps boost conversion rates, speed up consumer decision-making, and reduce returns.

Immersive technologies avoid the shortcomings of e-commerce

According to the report, consumers face many pain-points in their online-buying experiences. 65% of consumers state that shopping online is difficult due to the inability to interact physically with a product. More than two in three consumers (69%) believe the immersive digital experience will lead to them making more purchases online. And 77% of consumers agree that interactive experiences will enable them to make better purchase decisions. This has the potential to reduce return rates considerably in e-commerce.

How to elevate shopping experiences with Cappasity

Here at Cappasity, we understand consumers’ demand for engaging and convenient shopping experiences. We offer some groundbreaking solutions for brands to create high-quality immersive content.

With our solution for fashion, brands can create AR holograms, allowing consumers to interact with items like they would do in real life and offering them an accurate and complete view of products. These AR holograms provide animated looks which let shoppers see the materials in motion. And the production of a Cappasity AR hologram takes as little as 20 minutes vs 3–5 days with other solutions.

The video demonstrates how a customer can experience apparel in AR.

With Cappasity’s virtual try-on for rings and watches, online stores can provide shoppers with try-before-you-buy experiences, making online shopping more convenient and engaging.

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