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How immersive technology benefits online tutorials

Obtaining a new skill without a proper demonstration is extremely difficult. This is where step-by-step tutorials come into play. However, even with video tutorials at hand, users do not always understand how to use a product correctly. The key to creating a truly effective online tutorial is to make it engaging, immersive, and interactive. With Cappasity, you can present a product application in a clear way as an interactive 3D tutorial. Let’s see how immersive technology benefits online tutorials.

Why choose an interactive 3D View format?

Interactive tutorials are much more effective than still images and videos. Images and videos fail to demonstrate the coach’s movements from all necessary angles of perception. Users often have to pause a video tutorial to have a better look at the coach’s movements, which is inconvenient. Immersive 3D View format, on the contrary, allows your audience to interact with the tutorial and inspect any moment of interest in tiny detail. If something is unclear, it’s easy to rewind it with a finger movement or a mouse click.

Is it easy to create an immersive tutorial with Cappasity?

Absolutely! To create a Cappasity 3D View, you need to shoot a video in a standard photo studio. Once the video is ready, you import it from Easy 3D Scan, and the software converts it into an interactive 3D View format. The resulting immersive tutorial can be embedded into a website page as you would a YouTube video.

Interactive tutorials for the beauty industry

A great example of an immersive tutorial is Cappasity’s recent collaboration with L’Etoile. With Cappasity, L’Etoile created a series of interactive makeup tutorials and embedded them into the online store. Now L’Etoile online customers can not only learn the description, price, and composition of an item, but also watch the interactive tutorial on how to apply makeup using this beauty product. For instance, a consumer can find out how to apply NARS liquid blush here:

Interactive tutorials for the sports industry

Digitizing tutorials in 3D can also be highly beneficial for sports coaches. Immersive tutorials can be used in any sport, be it ice hockey, soccer, golf, skiing, boxing, or acrobatics. For example, Cappasity partnered with Vitaliy Shilkin, the Russian hockey legend, and created immersive content for online training. During the 3D image shooting process, Vitaliy Shilkin performed multiple techniques that a goaltender would use for preventing the hockey puck from entering the net. Such 3D Views would benefit online tutorials for hockey newbies and make them more interactive and informative.

Interactive guides for medical devices

Basic knowledge of first aid is an essential life skill that everyone should have. However, many people find these skills difficult to learn and recall in emergency situations. To make first aid training effective, you can provide your audience with interactive 3D tutorials. For instance, this is how an interactive manual on “How to tie an elastic bandage around a wrist” could look like:

Interactive manuals can be used for training health and care workers, teacher education, personnel training, driver education classes, and many more. An immersive format will help your audience learn the correct technique and develop sustainable knowledge and skills.

To create interactive online tutorials and get most of the immersive technology, fill out the contact form on our website, and we’ll send you the best practices for producing engaging content.

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