How Interactive Ads Deliver 100% Return on Media Spend

Mar 19 · 4 min read

Traditional media are changing faster than ever, giving way to more interactive and engaging tools, such as augmented reality (AR) and its most essential component, 3D content. And if you think these concepts may be from the future, we can assure you that you are most likely already using them in your daily life.

AR filters on Instagram

Filters are definitely a huge hit and one of the most common use cases of AR right now. Hundreds of millions of people upload Instagram stories daily and many of them add funny ears, a mustache or glitter to their virtual faces. It’s especially popular now that anyone can create and upload their own filter. It seems very likely that soon every brand will be adding their own hallmark Instagram filter in order to stay relevant.

By Ines Alpha

Ads that interact with you

Consumers generally don’t like ads, that is a fact proven by dozens of surveys. But another fact is that innovative ways of communicating can be much more efficient than traditional ads and win over consumers’ attention. One such way is with 3D ads. With 3D ads, customers can experience products in more detail by zooming, rotating, and even configuring the product right inside the banner. As a result, you improve audience engagement and increase conversion. Take a look at this creepy but eye-catching ad for Paramount Pictures’ horror movie “Pet Sematary”. It looks as though the cat’s eyes are following users as they scroll down their smartphone screens. Paramount Pictures used 3D ads to enhance the campaign on mobile before the movie’s premiere, resulting in a 100% return on ad spend.

Not your typical video game

If you are not yet familiar with mobile games employing AR, let us introduce you to Ingress. This successful game combines elements of geocaching with “capture the flag” logic. It uses portals as elements of a science fiction backstory. The portals are physical points of interest such as statues and monuments, unique architecture, outdoor murals, historic buildings etc.

Among the newer releases we would highlight Harry Potter: Wizards Unite — a location-based AR-game inspired by the Wizarding World and the Harry Potter franchise. Players are able to visit real-world locations while casting spells, discovering mysterious artefacts, and encountering iconic characters and legendary beasts from the Harry Potter universe.

Online shopping came to life

3D and AR are especially valuable for e-commerce. These are the best tools for providing a next level shopping experience for customers in 2020, blurring the line between offline and online shopping.

Immersive Product Page concept

A great example is Cappasity’s concept of a fully immersive product page.

This immersive product page offers a glimpse into the future of e-commerce product presentation, a future where any product page can be enriched with “View in 3D” and “View in AR” options.

3D View

With the View in 3D mode, the user will be able to rotate an item online as they would offline and evaluate its details from every available angle in 4K quality. With the AR mode, users can place a product into their own setup — a bedroom, an office, a chair right next to them. It helps integrate objects into the real world and establish a positive connection between a product and a customer, simplifying the purchase decision.

AR View

Working together in seamless transition, the two modes will offer unprecedented interactivity. Conveniently, with the Cappasity platform, retailers can use the same file to create both 3D and AR content. If you would like to know how Cappasity’s 3D View can improve your business, you can find the case studies here.

The bottom line is that traditional media are still in play but they must be supported with interactive tools. The faster you realize your individual strategy for implementing 3D and AR content into your customer experience, the better. Besides, it might be an exciting journey.

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