How marketplaces will benefit from integrating with Cappasity and 3DShot app

Jul 5 · 3 min read

Using 3D immersive content gives customers a visually compelling, interactive representation of products and helps to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping. At the moment, immersive content is not available on many popular marketplaces, so adding it to a platform’s features can help it stand out in tight competition. The 3DShot app allows any seller to make an interactive 3D View of a product using only a smartphone. By providing access to the 3DShot app, marketplaces or classifieds allow their sellers to produce immersive content for free and use it to promote their goods.

3D content as a sales driving force

3D visualization of products has become a selling force in ecommerce for many reasons, but we can narrow it down to just one: consumers can interact with products. The 3D View format offers a variety of interactions for consumers. They can inspect the item from all sides, similar to the way they would interact with a product in a brick-and-mortar store. That creates a sense of proximity to the product, and may even create affinity to the brand.

A representative of Livemaster, a marketplace that specializes on handmade items, has commented on why their team has decided to choose Cappasity’s visualization solutio:“The main difference between our marketplace and others is our rare and unique handmade items, which can’t be found in chain stores. Our buyers make their choices based on aesthetics and design. They follow their hearts. That’s why we pay attention to our visuals — because we want our customers to be able to inspect every item in close detail. It is very important for us to show our potential buyers that handmade items made in Russia are not only sustainable and unique, they are also high-quality! Our merchants don’t have huge batches and assembly lines, and many goods sold on the platform are one-of-a-kind pieces. Every item is a work of art. Both the Livemaster team and the merchants are open to customers. We don’t just want to show items on flat pictures, taken from the best angles, we also want to show them from all sides, in 3D.”

Previously, production of 3D content was quite costly and inaccessible to smaller businesses. The 3DShot App is here to change that.

Thanks to the 3DShot app, anyone can create immersive 3D Views in just a few minutes, using just a smartphone.. How it works: the user circles around the item, using one of the shooting modes, and the system automatically generates a high-resolution 3D image, ready to be integrated into an ecommerce platform or website via Cappasity embed code or API.

“In 2020, due to the pandemic, there was a tremendous increase in online transactions in Belarus. Still, when ordering online, there is always a risk of receiving an item that looks different to the image on the store’s website. 3D visualization technology will help bridge this gap by replicating the in-store shopping experience. Kufar’s clients will be the first in Belarus to get access to this technology,” says Artsiom Rabtsevich, CEO of Kufar. Kufar is part of Adevinta. Adevinta operates classifieds in 11 countries.

Captivating product images remain one of the most influential factors for making a decision when purchasing products online. 3D Views are highly effective at increasing customer interaction and decreasing returns. By providing access to the 3DShot app, marketplaces or classifieds allow their sellers to produce immersive content and use it to promote their goods. Service is 100% free for marketplaces and their sellers.

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