How the 3DShot app can be useful for industrial companies

Aug 25 · 3 min read

The 3DShot app is an innovative solution by Cappasity that allows any user to create a 3D visualization of any item in a matter of minutes. But can it be used for industrial companies? Absolutely! Let’s dive right in for the details.

The benefits of interactive content for industrial companies

In today’s world, having powerful tools for remote work is vital for developing an industrial company. High-quality, interactive 3D content is crucial for industrial companies, because it allows a company to:

  • Create remote demonstrations of products for clients
  • Demonstrate work progress at the site for the work acceptance processes
  • Host remote team meetings and visualize challenges and solutions that require looking at equipment and investigating technicalities
  • Integrate three-dimensional content into marketing and communication strategies
  • Create digital catalogues or archives
  • Create remote training programs for employees

The challenge of creating engaging 3D content

However, immersive 3D content is expensive and time consuming to create. Creating an interactive model for a piece of industrial equipment can cost anywhere from $2,000 and usually takes 5 to 7 days to complete a single 3D visualization. In order to demonstrate the results, a specialized platform would also have been required. Those types of resources are required to make a 3D visualization of a product with an external contractor or an agency. But Cappasity is here to change all of that with the innovative 3DShot app. The app allows a company’s employees to make high-quality 3D Views of items just using a regular smartphone.

The solution

The 3DShot app is a solution by Cappasity for creating and embedding immersive content for any kind of online business. For industrial use, it allows a company’s employees to create 3D visualizations of any kind of equipment, from the smallest devices to the largest machinery, in just a matter of minutes. On average, it takes just 5 minutes to create an interactive 3D View of a piece of machinery, which can later be embedded into a website or sent to a client in the form of a link.

It can also be completed with annotations and commentaries, which are both useful for creating remote demos or tutorials. This makes the 3DShot app a highly useful tool for the work acceptance processes, as well as the creation of tutorials and digital catalogues.

How to use the 3DShot app for creating 3D Views of large-scale equipment? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the 3DShot app.
  2. Start capturing the object by circling around it using a regular smartphone. A 3D demonstration will automatically be created once the recording is complete.
  3. Log into your Cappasity account and choose the 3D demonstration. Add all the necessary hotspots and annotations.
  4. Afterwards, you will be able to embed the resulting 3D View into a website or send a link to your client.

Watch the demo for the applications of the 3DShot app in industrial companies via the link.

What are the advantages of 3D Views?

Unlike videos, 3D Views are made so that the user can inspect any item in close detail, which is crucial for demos and tutorials. The 3D content can also be used for the digital archives of any company and for sharing project progress reports with a client or a supervising organization. It is also perfect for remote training courses, as the employees will be able to interact with a digital 3D copy of the equipment. Due to the high resolution of the 3D Views, this type of content is perfectly suitable for remote project handovers, which can save thousands of dollars in travel expenses.

The possibilities of using interactive, immersive content for developing and growing a business are limitless. Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for more tutorials on creating immersive content for your business.

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