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How to create an interactive art gallery with 3DShot

These days art is more accessible than ever. The opportunity to showcase artwork online has allowed creators to expand their reach far beyond their immediate audience. However, because of high competition in the art market, it’s challenging to attract enough attention to get people looking at your art piece, let alone to motivate someone to actually buy it. This is where 3DShot comes in. The app allows you to easily create an interactive art gallery and get your customers to see online art in a completely new way. Let’s see how 3DShot makes it possible.

In 2019, online transactions in the art market represented around a tenth of the global art market value. This changed drastically in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which prompted companies and art professionals to boost their online presence. While the total art market value dropped by nearly 14 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, total sales of the online art and antique market roughly doubled, reaching over 12 billion U.S. dollars and accounting for almost a quarter of global sales. Since key players like auction houses and art dealers strengthened their digital departments, art professionals and beginner creators now struggle to find new ways to differentiate themselves from the crowd and attract consumers to their art pieces.

The best way to compete in the online art market is to create an interactive art gallery and provide your audience with an entirely new way of examining artworks online. An interactive art gallery allows your customers to feel and see colors and textures as they would in real life, change the angle of perception, examine all tiny details, and better understand the creator’s vision. Additional interactivity boosts the audience’s engagement and increases their purchase intention.

Until recently, only big dogs like auction houses and art galleries could present immersive technologies to engage audiences online. New creators didn’t have these opportunities because creating an interactive art gallery used to be time-consuming and costly. The 3DShot app is here to change that. With 3DShot, even young creators who are only just breaking into the industry can showcase their art pieces in the interactive 3D View format (data format developed by Cappasity). All you need to digitize an artwork in 3D is a smartphone camera, so you can shoot your art pieces anywhere you wish, even in your studio.

Check how quickly and easily an artist can digitize a painting in 3D:

Let’s discover the process step-by-step. To create an interactive 3D View of a painting, follow these instructions:

  1. Place the painting in a well-lit spot.
  2. Move slowly around the painting.
  3. Crop the 3D View so that the painting fits into the frame.
  4. Use filters to customize your 3D View.

Here’s the result:

As you see, unlike flat images, the 3D View format is fully interactive. It allows consumers to admire the art pieces as they would in an art gallery or the creator’s studio: rotate it and examine the piece from all angles of perception, zoom in and appreciate the details. Additionally, interactive 3D Views are much more engaging than flat photos of art pieces. On top of delivering an unforgettable online experience, they boost the time a customer spends on a webpage, increasing customers’ purchase intent.

The best part is you don’t even need a website to showcase your 3D digitized art pieces to customers. All 3D Views are stored in your Cappasity account, which you can use as an interactive art gallery. To show the art pieces to your customers, simply share the link to your Cappasity account. If you have an online website and want to display your 3D View on it, copy the embed code of the 3D View and paste it into the site’s HTML code.

To create an interactive art gallery, download the app from and follow the instructions mentioned above. If you have any questions, contact our team at

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